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VA Beneficiaries Military Spouses and Parents who've transferred VA Benefits to their Child(ren)

Welcome to AU!

Spouses and children of Veterans make up approximately a third to a half of our military population at AU. This population is richly diverse, bringing a variety of skills, experiences and profeciencies to our community. What they have in common is their connection to the military and the valuable life lessons forged in that environment. We are very glad that they have chosen to pursue their education at American University.

American University is committed to serving our military population by helping them manage their valuable VA Education Benefits. To this end, we ask you to remind them to do the following:

  • Come by our office in AU Central - 201 Asbury when they arrive on campus for the first time, introduce themselves, and start a connection that will last throughout their academic experience at AU.
  • Set up reminders on their computers to request certification of their enrollment every semester they wish to receive VA Benefits
  • Let us know about any changes in their registration, especially after the add/drop deadline
  • Talk to us about their goals and aspirations.
  • Alert us to any issue they may be having...even if that issue does not involve VA Benefits
  • Let us help them in their transition to campus
  • Consider joining the Student Veterans Club

While AU is committed to helping our students develop confidence in handling their personal finances and responsibility, we recognize that navigating VA regulations and procedures can be exceptionally complicated. With this in mind, we urge you to visit our Parents and Spouses Page regularly as well as our Announcements and Updates tab where we will continue this conversation and address issues that may impact your student. You may also send us inquiries a


Valerie Verra
Associate Director - Veteran Services

Scott Cassidy
Assistant Director - Veteran Services

Spring 19 AU had 109 Dependents of Veterans or Service Members who used transferred benefits

24 Students Used Chapter 35 In Spring 2019

20 Spouses who had the GI Bill transferred to them used it in Spring 19