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Veterans Services Staff

The Veterans Services Office is located in AU Central - 201 Asbury Building. Appointments are required to speak in-person to Veterans Services Staff. You can also schedule an appointment to speak with us via phone/zoom during regular business hours. 

All are encouraged to contact the AU Veterans Services Office at for the most timely response.

For answers to commonly asked questions please visit: Veteran Services 

Alicia Marsh Associate Director Veterans Services PRO | AU Central

Alicia Marsh has been on staff at American University since 2012. She currently helps military-connected students use the VA Education benefits they’ve earned towards a degree at AU. Alicia previously

  (202) 885-8017

Steven Betsch Veterans Services Coordinator PRO | AU Central

Steven served for 5 years in the Navy Submarine Force. He served on board USS Helena & USS Indiana, where he is a plank owner. He is currently finishing his Masters in Public Administration. He worked

Who Should I contact?


AU Veterans Services Office
Veterans Affairs (VA)
Academic Advisor/Office of the Registrar
Financial Aid
How do I drop a class?  
Where do I report classes added or dropped?
Where do I find out which programs are eligible for VA benefits?
Where do I apply for yellow ribbon funding?
Where do I apply for VA work-study?
Where do I report mitigating circumstances for a dropped course?
Where do I complete a Request for Certification form?
How do I know which GI bill benefit to use?
Where do I get my Certificate of Eligibility?
How many months do I have left on my VA benefits?
Where do I confirm my monthly enrollment verification?
How many Credits transfer from my military service?
Where do I find out about student loan options?
How do I determine how much my housing allowance payment will be?

Veterans Affairs (VA): 1-800-442-4551 or

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