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Apply to Graduate (Required)


Graduation Application


If you are planning to graduate in fall or spring, you must submit your application via MyAU Eagle Service by the end of the add/drop period for the semester in which you intend to graduate. If you plan to graduate in summer, you must apply to graduate via MyAU Eagle Service by the end of the add/drop period for the preceding spring semester.

Make sure the address shown on your application will be the address where you will still reside for 6 weeks after graduating. This is where your diploma, official transcript, and rank letter (for JD graduates) will be sent.

If you will be moving within 6 weeks of the commencement ceremony, change the address to your new one, or to a permanent address.

Review your name as it is shown on the graduation application, as this is exactly how your name will be spelled on your diploma. Submit changes at this time if needed.

Submitting a graduation application will trigger a final degree audit of your record. If you are a joint degree student (JD/MA, JD/MBA, JD/MS) and you are graduating in both programs, you must complete two separate applications on MyAU Eagle Service; one for each degree you are completing.

Eligibility to Attend Commencement


The university grants degrees at the end of each summer, fall and spring term. A commencement ceremony is held annually in May, to recognize degrees awarded the preceding summer and fall, and for students completing their degrees in the spring.

The university strictly enforces the policy for attending commencement. Students planning to graduate at a particular time are responsible for maintaining an appropriate course load and completing degree requirements in time to be eligible for their targeted graduation.

To participate in the May commencement ceremony, students must complete and submit a Commencement Ceremony Participation Request form to

Commencement Information

The Office of Student Affairs hosts WCL's annual May commencement. You can view their commencement page for important information regarding event logistics, ordering regalia, etc.

Commencement Information