Summer Programs

Summer JD Courses

AUWCL will offer a selection of courses that run for the full length of the summer semester intended for current WCL students and students visiting from ABA-approved or state accredited law schools. Please check back soon for a list of these courses.

AUWCL students and law students visiting from ABA-approved or state accredited law schools may also participate in the Summer Law Programs in D.C. for academic credit.

AUWCL JD students may also participate in the Externship Program in the summer semester.

Current WCL students may register for any of the course types listed above through Eagle Service beginning on April 12, 2024. Students may self-register for the Externship Seminar but must follow the Externship Office procedure to register for fieldwork credits.

Visiting students apply to these courses through the process set forth by the Office of the Registrar.

The Summer Law Programs Abroad are open to students who have completed one year of full-time or part-time law studies who are in good standing at an ABA-approved or state accredited law school. The program is also open to LL.M. candidates and practicing lawyers. The Summer Abroad Programs are accredited by the American Bar Association. Program participants can earn a total of six credits. Applicants who intend to transfer credits should inquire about their law school's policy on that issue.

JD and LL.M. candidates can earn academic credit. Visiting students can apply to use up to 4 credits toward an LL.M. degree from the Washington College of Law. Number of credits vary depending on program and registration.

NOTE: Per ABA Standards, students taking courses for academic credit may register for up to 2 credits per week in condensed specialized courses regardless of their participation in full summer-length courses.