Transactional Negotiation Team

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Prather, Catherine
Assistant Director of Finance and Administration

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WCL,Washington College of Law 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016-2132 United States

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First Place

  • Duke Interscholastic Transactional Law Competition (North Carolina) 2022: 1st Place Team 

  • The Negotiation Challenge (Kyoto, Japan) 2019: 1st Place Team

  • Warsaw Negotiation Round 2017: 1st Place Team; 1st Place Team Style; Best Individual Negotiation

  • The Negotiation Challenge (San Francisco) 2018: 1st Place Team 

  • The Closer - Baylor University 2018

Second Place

  • Magnolia Competition (Mississippi) 2023: 2nd Place Team

    Buyers at Duke Interscholastic Transactional Law Competition (North Carolina) 2023: 2nd Place Team

  • The Negotiation Challenge 2017 (Bogota, Columbia)

  • Warsaw Negotiation Round 2018

  • Transactional Law Meets 2016


  • Warsaw Negotiation Round Competition (Poland) 2023: Judge’s Mention

  • The Negotiation Challenge (Vienna, Austria) 2016: The Great Negotiator

  • Warsaw Negotiation Round 2016: 3rd Place, Team  

  • Bankruptcy Law Meets 

  • IP Law Meets 

  • Health Law Meets 

  • National Health Law Transactional Competition