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Center on International Commercial Arbitration

A Primer in International Commercial Arbitration

An Innovative 4.5 hour long online course about the nuts-and-bolts of international commercial arbitration, taught by leading practitioners in the field

Online Course Primer

This course will guide you through the basics you need to know to be part of any discussion involving international commercial arbitration. You will learn basic ideas, strategies and legal concepts to assess the next steps to take in your cases. 

should I Take this Course?

The legal field of international arbitration has expanded significantly over the past twenty years, and it is today one of the most complex and dynamic areas of international legal practice.

You will learn the basics:

  • to negotiate a contract with an arbitration clause;
  • to serve as expert or fact witness in an arbitral proceeding; or
  • to evaluate the consequences of a breach a contract if the matter goes to arbitration;


This course is structured in three modules:

Module 1 - Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration and the Arbitration Agreement (duration approx. 1:10 hours);

Module 2 - The Arbitral Proceeding (duration approx. 1:50 hours); and

Module 3 - Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards (duration approx. 1:20 hours). 


The course consists of various tools that are very effective in online training:

  • Pre-recorded videos made by world renown experts in the field of international arbitration;
  • Documents, graphics, and other reading material, always to the point;
  • Quick knowledge checks to confirm and practice your skills.

registration Fee

The cost of this course is $299 for one user. For group or law firm discounts, please contact the Center at

Once your registration has been accepted, you can access the course on demand, at any time, for a period of two weeks. After these two weeks, the username and password will expire.

Please note that this is a general introduction to the fundamental concepts of International Arbitration. If after taking this short introductory course you decide to explore international arbitration more in depth, the Center on International Commercial Arbitration offers a variety of specialized courses and trainings, including our comprehensive, 16-week long online Certificate Programs, and our prestigious LL.M. program in International Arbitration and Business Law. These provide a profound understanding of this field of business and investment law practice.

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