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Introducing the Global Justice Voices Podcast: Illuminating Perspectives, Inspiring Action

In the realm of thought-provoking discourse and global insights, the newly launched Global Justice Voices Podcast stands as a beacon of knowledge, empathy, and advocacy. "Global Justice Voices: The Leadership Chronicles" is an engaging podcast that delves into the lives, journeys, and aspirations of the 2024 Humphrey Fellowship fellows at the American University’s Washington College of Law, focusing on Law and Human Rights. Discover the personal stories and professional projects of these emerging leaders, their challenges living abroad, and their profound insights from the prestigious Humphrey Fellowship program. Explore the transformative power of education, leadership, and global justice through authentic narratives and expert discussions. Join us on this inspiring journey of change-makers shaping a better world.

The Global Justice Voices Podcast is a trailblazing initiative that seeks to amplify the voices and perspectives of individuals deeply engaged in matters of global justice. Anchored in the prestigious Humphrey Fellowship Program at the American University’s Washington College of Law, the podcast is a testament to the power of knowledge exchange and cross-cultural understanding.

Meet the Hosts:

The Global Justice Voices Podcast is guided by a team of dedicated hosts, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of global justice:

  • Luiz Silva: A public servant in the Brazilian judiciary, Luiz Silva's academic and professional background is focused on the defense and promotion of human rights. With over seven years of experience at the Brazilian National Council of Justice, he specializes in International Human Rights Law, especially in the Inter-American Human Rights System. Currently, he is working at the Unit for Monitoring the Decisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (UMF/CNJ), focusing on developing technologies to monitor international decisions concerning Brazil. In the Humphrey Program, he aims to explore areas like compliance with international human rights decisions in the US, litigation strategies of American civil society, models of administration of justice, and digital monitoring tools to foster best practices and strengthen the culture of human rights in Brazil.
  • Florence Akara (Flow): With over 10 years of professional experience, Florence Akara is a passionate advocate for social justice and gender equality. She began her career in corporate law in Botswana and Kenya, and later transitioned to advocacy campaigns for Chapter One Kenya. In 2018, Florence became the Director of Femme International, where she actively tackled challenges related to menstrual health rights in East Africa. This experience exposed her to the multifaceted challenges, funding gaps, and pressing need for context-specific program models. Florence believes in the transformative power of collaborative change and sees the Hubert Humphrey program as an opportunity to foster connections between African and American partners. Her goal is to develop more effective Afro-feminist approaches that serve as roadmaps for promoting gender equality in Africa. With expertise in corporate law, menstrual and sexual reproductive health, and grassroots nonprofit leadership, Florence is equipped to make a meaningful impact.
  • Mehluli Malisa Batakathi: Mehluli Malisa Batakathi is an Advocate of the Superior Courts in Zambia, currently Partner at a multi-disciplinary law firm based in Lusaka. He is also the Co-founder of Conservation Advocates Zambia, a not-for-profit organization that seeks to use the law as a tool for environmental conservation and climate justice. Mehluli holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in Constitutional Law, a Bachelor of Science. (HONS) in Land and Water Resources Management, and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree. He served as the students’ union president during his undergraduate days and currently leads the Lusaka Provincial Chapter of the Zambia -United States Exchanges Alumni Association (ZUEA) as its Chapter Co-coordinator. Mehluli is also a part-time lecturer at the University of Zambia’s Institute of Distance Learning, teaching Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. He is the Convener of the Law Association of Zambia’s Public Interest and Human Rights Committee and a member of the Climate Change Taskforce of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ). Mehluli is also on the Panel of Experts for the South African based Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA) and serves as the Director of Strategic Litigation at the Institute of Law, Policy, Research and Human Rights (ILPHR).
  • Episode 1: "Meet the Hosts of Global Justice Voices"

In our inaugural episode, "Meet the Hosts of Global Justice Voices," join co-hosts Luiz, Florence (Flow), and Mehluli as they introduce themselves and share their personal stories, professional journeys, and the inspiration behind launching this podcast. Get to know these dynamic hosts and their unique backgrounds, highlighting the diverse perspectives that shape the podcast's content. Gain insight into the prestigious Humphrey Fellowship program and its significance in the world of Law and Human Rights. This episode sets the stage for an enlightening journey into the lives of international legal scholars and their pursuit of global justice.

In the second episode of "Global Justice Voices: The Leadership Chronicles," we turn our focus to the unsung heroes of the Humphrey Fellowship program – the community hosts. Meet Karl Wolf, one of the longest-serving community hosts, as he shares his incredible journey of supporting international scholars during their time in the United States. Discover the impact of community hosts on the fellowship experience and gain insights into the unique connections formed through this program. Join us as we explore the vital role these hosts play in fostering cultural exchange and enriching the lives of Humphrey Fellows.

In this third episode of 'Global Justice Voices: The Leadership Chronicles,' we dive into the remarkable journey of Sateesh Bino, a 2023-2024 Humphrey Fellow at the Washington College of Law. Discover the inspiring story of Sateesh, the Deputy Inspector General of Police in the Indian State of Kerala, as he shares his experiences, insights, and resilience in a dynamic conversation with our co-host, Florence. Explore his professional journey, his dedication to law enforcement, and the transformative impact of the Humphrey Fellowship.

Personal Insights and Experiences:

The Humphrey Fellowship Program has been an incredible transformative journey for many. Through our podcast, individuals generously share their personal experiences and reflections, revealing how the program has profoundly influenced their perspectives and career paths. These stories stand as a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring change-makers, demonstrating the profound influence that education and cross-cultural exchange can have on both individuals and their communities.

Moreover, our podcast strives to shed light on our guests' experiences in their home countries, showcasing their substantial contributions to global justice and the overarching aspiration to create a more equitable world for all its inhabitants. These insights offer a unique perspective into the diverse initiatives dedicated to making positive and enduring impacts on a global scale.

Additionally, the podcast aims to spotlight the program's impact not only on the hosts but also on the various American institutions involved in its administration, and ultimately, on ordinary Americans. It fosters cultural exchange and cooperation between the United States and the participating countries.

Future Endeavors:

The Global Justice Voices Podcast is on the cusp of exciting new horizons. Our plans entail broadening the spectrum of subjects we delve into, with a sharp focus on emerging global issues. Moreover, we're in the process of forging collaborations with thought leaders, organizations, and activists, all with the aim of forging a dynamic platform for dialogue and actionable change.

In our mission to illuminate the world about the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship, we harbor ambitious ambitions to extend our reach beyond the fellows at WCL. This will encompass featuring Fellows from the other 13 participating universities across the United States, faculty members from these institutions, officials from the Fulbright Commission, IIE, the State Department, and Humphrey Alumni from all corners of the globe.

Furthermore, our hosts aspire to elevate the podcast to a higher plane by contemplating live broadcasts in the future. This step will usher in fresh opportunities for audience involvement, including call-in sessions and live interviews. Our vision is to craft an interactive platform where listeners can actively engage in conversations and share their perspectives on global justice matters.

These forthcoming initiatives mirror our podcast's unwavering dedication to continuous growth and innovation, ensuring its enduring position at the forefront of global discourse concerning justice, human rights, and positive transformation.