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From the President and Board Chair

2021 was defined by a word and a feeling that captures the relentless American University changemaking spirit—FORWARD. We moved forward in our community of care and ongoing response to COVID-19 and transitioned to a world of sustaining operations and excelling in our mission as the virus continues to evolve. We had forward momentum across our strategic priorities of scholarship, learning, and community.
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Change that challenges us is ever present, and American University changemakers stepped up, showed up, and said, “challenge accepted” throughout 2021. Whether building a health and safety framework to support our return to in-person learning and residential experiences on our DC campus or leading national interdisciplinary research initiatives that will make impacts across society, we marched forward together with momentum. Our 2021 Year in Review: Change Can’t Wait shares just some of the ways our AU community leads with purpose and pursues the change that we know can’t wait.