August 2022

Cover of the summer 2022 issue of American magazine

Get in tune with Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles founder Chuck Dickerson, for whom diversifying symphonies is a forte. Learn about Professor Katie Holton’s $6.4 million grant to help combat Gulf War illness, recycle the unrecyclable with TerraCycle’s Eric Ascalon, and travel 3,000 miles on the East Coast Greenway. Also in this issue: Jason Kander confronts his Invisible Storm of PTSD, Pamela Hess takes a bite out of food insecurity, and Professor Adam McKay examines exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Past Is Present 

Graduate fellow explores the paradoxical relationship between freedom and slavery in the nation’s capital

Insights and Impact

After the Fall 

Professor Tracy Weitz, one of the nation's leading voices on abortion care, helps us navigate a post-Roe world

Reporter's Notebook

30 Minutes On Sports Law 

United States Soccer Federation chief legal officer Karen Leetzow helped make equal pay for men’s and women’s national team players a reality this spring


IX at Fifty 

Barb Reimann worked before, during, and after the passage of Title IX to advocate for generations of female student-athletes at AU

Insights and Impact

Waste Away

Eric Ascalon and TerraCycle give hard-to-recycle products a life beyond the landfill

Rubbing Elbows

The Path Forward

From Maine to Miami, Kristine Keeney and the East Coast Greenway Alliance are making safe places to bike and walk more universal


David Versus Goliath

Even though gun control activist David Chipman’s nomination for ATF director failed last fall, he still feels “a responsibility to be in the fight”

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Data Driven 

A Center for Data Science partnership is helping shape the future of data science education in DC Public Schools classrooms 

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Bearing Witness

Writer as Witness marks its 25th anniversary with Laila Lalami’s Conditional Citizens


A Year of Change

Change Can't Wait: The Campaign for American University marks its first anniversary