November 2021

A clock image on a plate shows a tomato rotting over time

Take a bite out of a history-making $15 million grant that will help AU researchers put a fork in wasted food, learn how Yamillet Payano is creating a more inclusive world for the deaf and hard of hearing community, explore an evolving East Wing with FLARE, and head north to visit Liz Qaulluq Cravalho in Kotzebue, Alaska. Also in this issue: the broken link in supply chains, WCL’s Dream for immigrant Eagles, a 62-book career in kid lit, and the best gift this holiday season: continued masking.

Insights and Impact

Which Doctor

Lewis Grossman's latest book recounts a history of therapeutic choice fights that tends to repeat itself 


Looking Forward 

After a four-year intermission from college soccer, star striker David Coly made up for lost goals 

Rubbing Elbows

The Write Stuff

Nicholas Schmidle's new book about the race to space is deeply reported—and deeply personal 

4400 Mass Ave

Dreams Take Flight

AU Dream, a legal practice by and for Eagles, supports AU's undocumented and immigrant students 

Insights and Impact

Designated Driver

Autonomous vehicles present the possibility of a safer future. But are we prepared for the technological merge ahead? 

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Ladies First

AU's new research center is devoted to the country's most exclusive sorority 

Insights and Impact

Blue Is Green 

Landmark study is the first to produce environmental profiles for the full range of aquatic foods 

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Life Lessons 

SOE professors craft curriculum to help students and teachers understand and process the pandemic