4400 Mass Ave

Masks On, Guard Up


Photo­graphy by
Andrew Yianne, SIS/BA '20

AU community members wearing face masks

When COVID hit, many of us used masks as a fashion statement or a political one: touting our support for Black lives or our favorite sports team. But nearly two years into the pandemic, colorful, handsewn cloth masks—born out of necessity thanks to supply chain shortages—have given way to more utilitarian ones.

But those blue disposable masks bought in bulk from Costco still make a powerful statement: We care about the health and safety of our community.

AU’s infection rate has stayed low thanks to vigilant masking, robust testing, and near-perfect vaccination rates. As we head into the holidays, the best gift we can give each other is continued masking. 

We are AU and we continue to be in this together. 

AU community members wearing face masks