Rubbing Elbows

Unpacked: Lights and Lenses

Dan Chung, SPA/BA '94, photographer and videographer, Dan Chung Photography

Dan Chung and his photography equipment
Canon 5D camera

I come from the film era, so I'm used to the full-frame sensor. I've settled on a Canon 5D. 



The collapsible reflector is used to reflect natural light onto the subject without resorting to a flash. 

Notepad and pen

I'll jot down things to worry about, like composition. After the shoot, I'll write down which pieces of equipment worked and which didn't.


Apple iPad

Clients love the iPad because we can proof on site.


pocket mirror

A lot of times I find myself in a corner, and it's hard to see through the eyepiece. I look at the reflection of the LCD screen and check focusing through the mirror so my head doesn't have to be right behind the camera. 


black foil

If there is a lightbulb that I can't turn off and it's casting a strange light on the subject, I can use the black foil to cover it. 


I wear this small flashlight around my neck. I use it if I'm doing an event shoot in an auditorium and I have to dig through my bag.


When I'm shooting a model and their clothes are a little loose, I use clothespins for a more tailored fit. 



I was doing a shoot outside, and there was a small tree in the way, so I used the saw from the multi-tool to cut it down. 


Kind bar

I once did three shoots in one day and had to eat in the car.

light stand

I use this stand when I need to move the lights frequently.


Beauty dish

The Mola beauty dish changes the quality of the light. I do a lot of portraits, and this is great for faces. The light looks natural, but it's more stylized.  

non-zoom lens

I like the non-zoom lenses. They allow me to use natural light even when it's very dark. I like to use natural light whenever possible. 


Power pack

This power pack is a big flash unit. I do lots of corporate shoots, and I did one where we closed an entire block for a car company. I used this to light the car from a distance.