Rubbing Elbows

Unpacked: Surf's Up

Michael Bleau, Kogod/BSBA, SIS/BA ’07, CEO, Events Locker

Michael Bleau and his items
business cards

We started Events Locker, an exhibitor management platform and marketplace for live event organizers, in 2015. This spring we were accepted to Techstars Anywhere 2019, a top startup accelerator program. 


tube of sunscreen

I’m outside a lot—hiking, surfing, and walking my dog—and I burn fast. Tanning is not in my DNA.

Apple laptop

I’m based in LA and my business partner runs our Seattle office, so we use video conferencing a lot. We’ve worked with hundreds of festivals, expos, and races—including five of the top 10 US marathons. 

The Lean Startup

I listened to The Lean Startup by Eric Ries when I was getting my company off the ground. It’s a great guide to creating a successful business culture. 

surf board

I started surfing seven years ago. When I’m in the water, all my stress melts away.

Philadelphia Eagles hat

I’m originally from Philadelphia, so I was ecstatic when my Eagles finally won the Super Bowl in 2018. I watched the game at Britannia Pub, an Eagles bar in Santa Monica.

bottle of kombucha

GT’s is my favorite brand of kombucha because there are no additives.  

dog leash

Django is a boxer/small dog mix. He keeps me sane.

yoga mat

I help produce Imagine Fest, an annual yoga and music festival that benefits Unlikely Heroes, a nonprofit that saves kids from sex trafficking. I love being involved with an event that celebrates life and raises community awareness. 

iPhone with movie ticket on it

I’m a diehard Marvel fan—that actually spurred my move to LA because I wanted to work in the film business. [Marvel’s] Ant-Man and the Wasp was one of my favorite movies of 2018.

two avocados

I make the best guacamole in LA. I use a splash of Tapatío instead of jalapeños and crushed fresh garlic to give it a kick.

Turmeric supplement

One of our clients is a marketing agency that works with a supplement company. We got free samples of their turmeric supplement and I’m hooked. It’s a great anti-inflammatory.

surf watch

My G-Shock surf watch is waterproof and helps me keep time so I don’t miss any morning meetings.

Apple iPhone

I go to a lot of trade shows. With Zoom, WhatsApp, and Copper, our customer relationship management software, on my phone, I can work remotely.