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Metrocentered: Medical Center

The National Institutes of Health’s sprawling 300-acre Bethesda campus is a city within a city. Home to 75 buildings and about 20,000 researchers and staff, NIH’s HQ is buzzing with scientific experimentation and innovation. Since its founding in the late 1880s, the agency, which comprises 27 institutes and centers, has supported 156 Nobel Prize winners and led to the discovery of fluoride, the MRI, the hepatitis vaccine, and more. Meet a few of the alumni and faculty who call NIH home.

NIH campus in Bethesda
Maryam Yamadi

Maryam Yamadi CAS/BS ’18, CAS/MS ’19

postbaccalaureate  CRTA fellow

Cynthia Tasaki

Cynthia Tasaki SIS/MA ’95

lead immigration specialist

David Kearns

David Kearns CAS professor and researcher

“Addiction as Maladaptive Choice of Drugs over Non-Drug Rewards”

Brendan Gaughan

Brendan Gaughan SPA/MPP ’14

Analytics and Solutions Unit chief 

Elizabeth Cotter

Elizabeth Cotter CAS professor and researcher

"Reducing Maternal Stress to Improve Obesity-Related Parenting Practices"

Adam Barnhart

Adam Barnhart CAS/BA ’10, SPA/MPP ’13

grants management specialist

Stephanie Tam

Stephanie Tam CAS/BS ’19

postbaccalaureate IRTA fellow 

Julia Snegg

Julia Snegg CAS/BS ’19

immigration specialist