Reporter's Notebook

Undercover: November 2018

The story behind our cover story on the art and science of journaling 

Photo­graphy by
Adrienne Frank

behind the scenes shots of our cover on journals

Coco Chanel famously advised: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off." 

With all due respect to the fashion icon, when it came to our cover shoot, more was more. 

We started with a handsome, leather bound journal from Jenni Bick, CAS/BA '90. Wrapped in red and blue ribbon and embossed with the AU mark, the journal was handmade just for us.

We also gathered a plethora of supplies, many of them from Jenni's new store in Dupont Circle: stickers, stencils, stamps, paper clips, pens, and pencils. (Can we just say: We're so excited that foil-stamped pencils are back.)

Then came the fun part—adding one colorful, little item after another to our still life. After we got the rainbow of pens just right and moved that adorable kitty clip (in honor of AU's Wonk Cat, also featured in our November issue) a little to the left, we added the final touches: editor Adrienne Frank’s glasses and a powdered donut, perfectly nibbled by art director Maria Jackson. 

Love Jenni’s journal as much as we do? Tell us how you journal (email or tweet @au_americanmag) and you’ll be entered to win one of three AU-themed notebooks.