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Campus Connect Delivers Academic, Safety, and Social Info to Your Cell Phone

By Adrienne Frank

Sprint cell phone customers can now access all-things-AU with the touch of a button.

University weather and campus emergency alerts can be at your fingertips via Campus Connect, a new telecommunications program developed by AU in partnership with Sprint and Rave Wireless. Anyone—regardless of cell provider—may sign up for free emergency alerts by logging on to According to Public Safety chief Michael McNair, about 1,000 faculty, staff, and students have registered their phones.

But for $10 a month, Sprint subscribers can also use their cell phones to track the AU shuttle, access course work, log on to AU e-mail, read daily Today@AU announcements, or scan the day’s events. More applications, geared to faculty and staff, are being developed.

“It’s like having AU in your back pocket,” said McNair. “My dream is that this will become the way everyone at AU communicates with one another, because it’s hard to find anyone on campus without a cell phone.”

The monthly fee also delivers RaveGuardian, another security service included in the new program. It will send your GPS location to campus police in an emergency. The initial agreement with Sprint, announced in March, delivered heightened service on AU’s campus, “you can get four bars, no matter where you are,” said Public Safety’s Linda Weiner. “It’s imperative that we’re able to communicate with faculty, staff, and students in an emergency,” said McNair. “This is one of the ways we’re going to do that.”

Sprint has discounts on phones and calling plans for AU subscribers. To receive up to a 10 percent discount on a two-year plan, place your order using

Rave has partnered with some 50 schools and colleges nationwide. American is the first university in the D.C. area to offer the program.