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OIT's Recipe for Success

We are committed to providing secure, sustainable technology platforms and consistent service delivery. The necessary ingredients are having the right platform technologies, system software updates, and application architecture in place and ready at the appropriate time. To that end, we have adopted several industry-standard best practices:

  • Identifying and eliminating as many single points of failure as possible 
  • Formalizing change management processes to minimize unplanned service interruptions 
  • Utilizing standard maintenance windows to perform preventative maintenance to make the servers more stable 
  • Developing service level agreements to define the agreed-upon levels of service and support for a given system

Our adoption of a change management strategy, in particular, brought cross-functional focus to the need to communicate, plan, learn from, and collectively assess changes to AU’s complex IT systems environment. While certain groups were previously practicing change management with varied maturity levels, there was no cross-functional practice or visibility until OIT formalized this process in May of 2008. Weekly meetings are now held to review, discuss, and approve change requests.

See the chart below which demonstrates a decrease in unplanned downtime, as change management adoption increased.

Change Management