Rachel Dockery

Undeclared - SPA

  • Currently a sophomore with junior standing in the School of Public Affairs, Rachel is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society and a self-created interdisciplinary minor in Forensic Science and Justice.

    She is secretary of AU College Republicans, gives tours for AU Ambassadors, and volunteers for the Community Service Coalition and the Kennedy Political Union.

    While she takes school very seriously, sports are a large part of her life. She has served as the fundraising chair and historian for the AU Rowing Club throughout the past two years. This semester, she is starting the AU Club Softball Program, which had not been recognized by the university since 2009. 

    Rachel loves being in the nation’s capital, but she also believes it is important to remain connected with her hometown of Fortville, IN. Rachel values hard work and honest achievement, and she believes her greatest responsibility is to be a dedicated and loyal family member, friend, student, worker, and teammate.
  • Degrees

    BA Law and Society
    Minor Forensic Science and Justice
  • Student Organizations:

    Secretary of AU College Republicans
    Historian of AU Rowing
  • Leadership Position Currently Held:

    President of AU Softball
  • Favorite Spot on Campus:

    Jacob's Field

    Favorite Place in Washington DC:

    National Archives

    Languages Spoken:

    Proficient in Spanish, currently learning ASL

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