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“I wanted to be in Washington because this is where everything is happening. Everyone here cares about politics and government. AU was a school I had my eye on as an undergrad. It was my dream school. Usually you don’t get to be a professor at your dream school early on in your career. I feel like I kind of hit the jackpot.”

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SPA Postdoctoral Fellow TaLisa Carter is a native of Long Island, N.Y., and worked as a deputy corrections officer in Savannah, Ga. She received her Ph.D. in criminology at the University of Delaware in May 2018. TaLisa’s research has been presented to the American Society of Criminology, the American Sociological Association, and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

17 books published by SPA faculty in 2015-16

100 published academic journal articles written by SPA faculty in 2015-16

5,000 plus SPA media mentions in 2015-16

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Nathan Favero

On Campus ·

Nathan Favero Talks About Public Administration and Being a Professor at SPA, His "Dream School"

Nathan Favero discusses being a professor and teaching public administration and policy at American University's School of Public Affairs.
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Panel at Separation of Powers event

Government & Politics ·

SPA Hosts Forum on Congress and the Separation of Powers

Scholars, researchers, and journalists gathered on Capitol Hill on Sept. 25 to discuss the theory behind the separation of powers between the branches of U.S. government and how that concept has played out in American history.
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Silhouette of three foreign fighters

Research ·

Foreign Fighter Returnees: An Indefinite Threat?

AU School of Public Affairs Assistant Professor David Malet recently co-authored a paper examining how long it typically takes a returned foreign fighter to launch a domestic attack.
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