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Being Part of the Change

"Everybody should be able to live a full life regardless of who they are. When there are impediments to doing so, if you have the ability and opportunity to be part of the solution then I believe you should. I’ve decided to be part of the change by identifying where systems can be reformed and working with others to implement improvements. SPA is providing me the tools to make that possible."

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The Madison Prize for Constitutional Excellence

The Madison Prize for Constitutional Excellence will honor national legislators who have recognized the necessity for compromise in our politics and have shown that the public interest is more important than party doctrine. It will be awarded after the end of each two-year congressional session to recognize one Member of Congress from each major political party who best exemplifies respect for the institutional values of Congress and the need for compromise in a democratic society, traits outlined by James Madison in Federalist 10.

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17 books published by SPA faculty in 2015-16

100 published academic journal articles written by SPA faculty in 2015-16

5,000 plus SPA media mentions in 2015-16

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Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2015—2017.

Graduate students volunteering at A Wider Circle

In the Community ·

Graduate Student Day of Service Supports Local Community

Sixty new AU School of Public Affairs graduate students and faculty volunteered to spend the day sorting household items and moving furniture at A Wider Circle.
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Nathan Favero

On Campus ·

Nathan Favero Talks About Public Administration and Being a Professor at SPA, His "Dream School"

Nathan Favero discusses being a professor and teaching public administration and policy at American University's School of Public Affairs.
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Person working at desk

Research ·

New Study Finds Performance Gaps Play Role in Public Budget Decisions

A new paper from SPA Assistant Professor Carla Flink shows that as public managers decide how to allocate funds, performance is a key consideration. Budgets can rise and fall based on how well an organization is delivering on its promises.
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