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Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2015—2017.

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We need you and your cohort to be committed and willing to serve.

I am a passionate advocate to this day for young people serving in government, the Foreign Service, civil service, the military, and the intelligence community. There's nothing more rewarding than working on the toughest problems with smart people and serving your country. I would plead with students to stay the course, don't give up, get the necessary skills and training, and stay hungry.

Watch Rice discuss American foreign policy at SIS.

SIS Breaks it Down: New Cuban Leadership


What does a Cuba without a Castro president look like? SIS Professor Philip Brenner explains the significance of President Raúl Castro stepping down after two terms and what lies ahead as Miguel Díaz-Canel steps into his new role as president.

Professor Brenner is the author of Cuba Libre: A 500-Year Quest for Independence.

The School of International Service ranked a top 10 school for international relations

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SIS ranked a top school in the world for international relations

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Collage headshots of Seema Khan, Esther Benjamin, Laura Rosenberger, Dawn Miller, Vidyamali Samarasinghe, and Nanette Levinson

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Six SIS women who paved the way for this generation

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Leaf grows atop outline of planet Earth. The world matters. So will your degree.
Vintage Peace Corps seal floats behind School of International Service seal.

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Peace Corps and SIS: Communities of service

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President Trump sits at a table with members of his cabinet to receive a briefing on a military strike

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Trump national security staff merry-go-round reflects decades of policy competition and conflict

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