School of International Service

School of International Service

Virtual Tour of the School of International Service


Take a virtual tour of the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC. Learn more about the building that contributes so much to the vibrant community that is SIS.

SIS scholars on COVID-19.
A dissertation defense takes place on Zoom.

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SIS PhD Dissertation Defenses Go Virtual

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Recent SIS graduates Sophie Goguichvili, Alan de Beaufort, Alexia Gardner, and Maria Humayun.

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SIS Students Conduct Research for the State Department

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SIS School Seal

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SIS Awards 2020

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SIS students Sheraz Aziz, Samantha Smith, Nancy Haugh, Nicholas O'Connor, and Jacqueline Kessler.

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Summer Plans 2020

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Listen now to the latest episode: Who Stole Democracy from the Arabs?

A Leg Up during an Economic Downturn

My professors at AU were teachers and practitioners.

SIS faculty are really helpful because they could give you advice, put you in touch with people, and teach about what the actual work environment is like. In fact, my professors still are helpful. My AU advisor, I still meet up with him every three or four months to chat and see where I’m at. He still provides me with advice. Learn more about how Krohmal’s MA degree helped her differentiate herself from other job candidates during the aftermath of the Great Recession.

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