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SIS Breaks It Down: Social Determinants of Health


The main driver of HIV/AIDS has more to do with social inequity than with the virus alone. SIS professor Maria De Jesus explains why, in order to eradicate the HIV epidemic, it's important to understand the 'Social Determinants of Health' framework.

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America and the World Still Need the WTO to Keep Trade and the Global Economy Humming

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Brexit Is a Rejection of the Good Friday Agreement for Peace in Northern Ireland

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Migrants’ Stories: Why They Flee

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Community of Scholars Pre-college Program Pays Dividends for SIS Undergrads

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Studying the ethics of emerging technologies

I'm grateful to my SIS professors who were very supportive of my ideas.

My focus while at SIS was on how cyber, artificial intelligence, and geo-engineering will impact current and future conceptions of human rights. I wanted to study something innovative, relevant, and helpful to marginalized communities navigate an increasingly digital world. The program provided me the skillset for my current position where I conduct research on US-Asia relations and implement technology-based solutions to support the Center's mission in promoting better relations and understanding among the US, Asia, and Pacific.

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