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Media Production Center 2020

Communications ·

Media Production Center Reopens, Featuring State of the Art Equipment and Facilities

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Six WIS panelists, posing.

Science ·

Annual Event Connects Women Across DC STEM Community

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Aaron Grocholski shows visiting students the effects of polarizing filters

Science ·

AU Optics Olympiad Makes STEM Fun for DC Middle Schoolers

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Author wearing yellow jacket, speaking.

Literature ·

Welcome to the House of Machado

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CAS Achievements

  • Mieke Meurs (economics) received a grant for $200,000 from the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to support the organizational strengthening of the program for Gender Analysis of the Economy.

  • Demetrios Poulio (physics) received a grant for $460,631 from NASA to continue work on the project "Laser, Fiber, and Optical Technology." The new total awarded to date is $1,618,040.

  • More CAS Achievements.

mixing bowls

AU Nutrition Alumna Gets Cooking

Alumna Yael Friedman launches company she first developed in AU nutrition education class.

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Why the College of Arts & Sciences?

Students and alumni discuss distinctive features of the College, why they chose their particular degrees, and program opportunities they pursued.

Growing Passion, Reducing Impact

Being able to be part of this is just an incredible feeling.

AU becoming carbon neutral instills me with such a feeling of pride. I've worked on so many different aspects of sustainability-social media promotion, sustainability-themed trivia night, and the Waste Race, a competition between residence halls to divert trash away from landfill and into compost and recycling-so reaching this milestone still gives me goosebumps.

Learn more about ways to get involved with Sustainability at AU.