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Education | Special Education: Learning Disabilities


In the Special Education: Learning Disabilities Program (on-campus or online program), you will:

  • Study specific needs of preschool, elementary, junior high, high school students, and adults at risk for or living with learning disabilities.
  • Learn practical individualized training in diagnostic-prescriptive teaching within a solid theoretical framework of the Sally L. Smith Methodology.
  • Work with faculty who teach theories based on the Sally L. Smith Methodology and their day-to-day work with students and adults with learning disabilities.
  • Have exposure to a wide variety of methods and materials. Learning to program specific academic skills through the arts: graphics arts, woodworking, music, dance, drama, puppetry, film making, and a unique feature called Academic Clubs as used at The Lab School of Washington.

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Welcome Message from Program Faculty

We are delighted to welcome you to the Special Education: Learning Disabilities Program. Our graduate students are people who truly care about children and adults with learning disabilities. Our graduate students want to make a difference in this world and want to help improve the quality of human life.  

We strive for excellence in what we do. We value caring, sensitivity, honesty, integrity, a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of responsibility. We prize resourcefulness, creativity, and uniqueness. We applaud hard work and high energy. We treasure teamwork and good communication.  

Teaching children and adults effectively whose lives are on the line is an art form based on a science of highly organized, systematic approaches and techniques. Here at AU, we teach teachers the way we hope they will teach children: we do lots of hands-on, experiential learning. We call on all the creative art forms and sciences. There is much to learn and, it seems, never enough time to learn it all. We expect your semesters with us to be challenging and most importantly satisfying. 

American University graduate students in the Special Education: Learning Disabilities Program have proven to be extraordinary people, committed to helping those in need of change in their lives for the better. Thank you for being one of those people. We will do everything possible to make your time with us productive, enlightening, and fun.

Program Video

Faculty, students, and alumni discuss the Special Education: Learning Disabilities MA Program.

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Virtual Open Houses

Virtual Open Houses

Learn about the School of Education graduate programs at our upcoming webinars, now through May.

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