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The Kay Spiritual Life Center gives out annual awards to those who have done the most for interfaith and religious understanding. The Interfaith Bridge Builder Award is given those who have done the most to promote interfaith understanding and to build meaningful relationships among different religious communities. The Sacred Space Award is given to those who have done the most to create a climate of religious acceptance and demonstrated constructive and respectful engagement with religious faith on campus.

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The Kay Spiritual Life Center is American University's interfaith center and home to two dozen religious communities.

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Our communities of faith and the chaplains who serve them are ready to help you reflect, find comfort, learn, and grow. Learn about the rich spiritual diversity you can find in Kay.

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Interfaith Chapel Service

Chapel Meditation: Blessed Are the Peacemakers

By one count there are currently 54 conflicts raging around the world right now. Fifty-four conflicts. With estimates ranging between 3,969,812 and 5,590,594 people dead as a result. And those are the wars that are continuing. That's not to say anything of the wars that have come and gone in the last century: WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, the Balkan War… We live in a world, it seems, of conflict. I'm not going to lie: that's a daunting number. It's a demoralizing number to even consider. And it makes us wonder whether we will always live in a world of conflict or whether peace is just an illusion. (Read more...)

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Learn about the many events we have in Kay from speaker series, table talks, to service projects, and interfaith programs. 

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Student Religious Accommodations

On occasion, religious observance necessitates an accommodation for students pertaining to academic, housing, or food related purposes. If you have a need for such a religious accommodation, you can submit a request through Kay.

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Adeel Zeb gives the 2017 Poynter lecture in the Kay Chapel

The Poynter Lecture

Our annual lecture series brings a lecturer who exemplifies the highest ideals of compassion and justice for a world in need.

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Miss the opportunity to submit your religious preference when you started at AU? Help us to meet your spiritual needs by filling out our religious preference form. 

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