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Claire Brunel

Assistant Professor School of International Service

Professor Brunel’s research focuses on issues at the intersection of environmental economics and international trade. She is particularly interested in providing empirical evidence of the links between environmental policies and international competitiveness. For example, she asks whether policies that encouraged the use and the development of renewable energies in the OECD led to an increase in domestic innovation and manufacturing, or rather to a rise in the licensing and importing of foreign technologies. Other works examine the role of the offshoring of polluting industries in emissions reductions of EU and US manufacturing and how to measure the stringency of environmental policies. Current works in progress study subsidies of solar panels, the co-benefits of environmental regulation in the US, and the trade diversification patterns of developing countries.

Prior to coming to SIS, Professor Brunel worked for the Research Department of the World Bank, the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and at the Embassy of France as Trade Policy Attaché.


PhD, Economics, Georgetown University
MPhil, Economics, University of Oxford
BSc, Mathematics and Economics, Georgetown University

Languages Spoken
French, English, Spanish

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SIS - School of International Service
SIS - 310
Tuesdays 3-5pm
Wednesdays 3-5pm
Contact Info
(202) 885-1667 (Office)

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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications

"Pollution Offshoring and Emission Reductions in European and US Manufacturing", Ennvironmental and Resource Economics (2016). doi:10.1007/s10640-016-0035-1 

"Measuring Environmental Regulatory Stringency", with Arik Levinson, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 10(1), pp. 47-67, Winter 2016.

"Trade in Environmental Goods: A Review of the WTO Appellate Body's Ruling in US — Countervailing Measures (China)", with Rachel Brewster and Anna Maria Mayda. World Trade Review 15(2), pp. 327-349, April 2016.

Capitalizing on the Morocco-US Free Trade Agreement: A Road Map for Success, co-editor (with Gary Hufbauer), Peterson Institute for International Economics Policy Analysis 88, Washington DC, September 2009. 

 "What's On the Table? The Doha Round as of June 2009", (with Matthew Adler, Gary Hufbauer and Jeffrey Schott), Peterson Institute Working Paper, August 2009.

"Money for the Auto Industry: Consistent with WTO Rules?" (with Gary Hufbauer), Peterson Institute Policy Brief  09-4, February 2009. 

Maghreb Regional and Global Integration: A Dream to be Fulfilled, co-editor (with Gary Hufbauer), Peterson Institute for International Economics Policy Analysis 86, Washington DC, October 2008. 

 "The US Congress and the Chinese Renminbi", (with Gary Hufbauer), Debating China's Exchange Rate Policy, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC, p.219-233, April 2008.

"Will Dollar Revive Following Dive?", (with Doug Dowson), The Omaha World Herald, December 30, 2007.


Work In Progress

"Two Birds, One Stone? Local Pollution Regulation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions", with Erik P. Johnson. Under review

"Green Innovation and Green Manufacturing: Links between Environmental Policies, Innovation, and Production." Under Review

"Patents, Trade, and Spillovers", with Thomas Zylkin.

"Climate change and internal migration in Brazil: the role of geography and road infrastructure", with Yuanyuan Maggie Liu.

"Export Diversification in Middle East and North Africa Countries", with Ana Fernandes and Melise Jaud.