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Are you interested in creating social impact?

Join the Social Enterprise Program at the School of International Service (SIS) to:

  • Engage with other activist students who prioritize social impact over personal gain
  • Learn social entrepreneurship outside of a commerce-focuses MBA program
  • Gain a global perspective by earning a Masters degree in Social Enterprise from a top ranked international relations school
  • Create a customized specialization from courses taught throughout the university
  • Study in a practitioner-oriented, real-world based program aimed at doers, not scholars
  • Build your professional network by being based in Washington DC, a city with a large and vibrant social enterprise sector

The Program is intended to support SIS students who want to become social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs or infrapreneurs. They drive societal change by providing innovative, economically sustainable solutions to public problems.


Social entrepreneurs are people who apply the techniques of business and innovation to solve social problems.

Social innovation is what they do, and social enterprises are what they create.

Social enterprises may be new, stand-alone, economically sustainable organizations, or they may involve change and innovation within existing structures.

People skilled at leading change from within are social intrapreneurs.

Social infrapreneurs are the ones creating the ecosystem for social enterprises to thrive.

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Kate McElligott

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Visit our LinkedIn group page to connect with social enterprise practitioners who are the SE alums, affiliates, faculty and current students.

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1776 Partnership

The Social Enterprise Program is excited to be partnering with 1776, a global hub for startups tackling major challenges in education, energy, health care, government, and other critical industries

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SE Practicum

The Social Enterprise (SE) Practicum is the capstone of your 2-year masters program. Want to know more about these exciting projects?

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