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Undergraduate Advising | SIS

SIS Internships For Credit

Internships are a great way to gain practical experience and explore possible careers.  You can do an internship whether or not you earn credit for it. Earning credit for an internship can help you to manage your time.

Before you can do an internship for credit, you need to have an internship offer.  The Career Center can help you find and apply for internships.

Registration Process

If you decide to do the internship for credit, you must enroll in an online class. During the semester, one section of the class is for sophomores and juniors and one section is for seniors.  

You cannot add the class to your schedule in student planning.  You must complete the following paper forms to add the class to your fall schedule:

Form 1: Academic Eligibility Form

Form 2: Relevance to Program

Form 3: Internship Registration Form (days, hours, professor)

Form 4: Request for Registration Action (if you are dropping a class)

Form 5: International Students must complete CPT or OPT with ISSS

Rules and Limitations

  • First-year students must complete 30 academic credits in residence at American University before registering for an internship. Transfer and exam credits do not count towards the required 30 credits. 
  • Transfer students may register for an internship after finishing 12 credits in residence at American University. 
  • A maximum of 6 credits of self-designed work are permitted for the major. This may be two independent studies or one internship for credit and one independent study.
  • An additional 6 credits of self-designed work is permitted as elective credit only. If additional independent studies are pursued, they must still be completed in three credit increments only. 
  • Internships for thematic or regional credit must be for a minimum of three credits. Internships for elective credit may be for fewer credits. All SIS internships must be taken for an A-F grade.
  • The number of credits you earn for your internship is based on the number of hours you are working. You are not permitted to work more hours and register for fewer credits. Please plan your schedule accordingly. 

Last update: 27 October 2016