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    Margaret Marr

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Undergraduate Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies

This four year undergraduate program nurtures a select number of talented students in the skills and knowledge required to be effective leaders in their professional careers.

Admission to the Program

Incoming freshman in the School of Public Affairs are invited to apply to the program.

Certificate Requirements

  • 15 credit hours of approved course work with at least 6 credit hours at the 300-level or above with grades of C or better.

Grades of C- or D in certificate program courses will not be accepted toward the fulfillment of certificate requirements although these grades will be included in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average. Students must have at least a 2.0 grade point average in certificate courses in order to be awarded a certificate. Students in certificate programs must take a minimum of 6 credit hours during each 12-month period after they are admitted. International students must enroll in 12 credit hours each semester (except for summer). A maximum of 3 credit hours earned at an accredited college or university may be applied toward the certificate as transfer credit.

Course Requirements

  • GOVT-361 Laboratory in Leadership Development I (1) taken fall and spring of first year for a total of 2 credit hours
  • GOVT-362 Laboratory in Leadership Development II (1) taken fall and spring of second year for a total of 2 credit hours
  • GOVT-391 Internship: Leadership (3 or 6)
  • GOVT-460 Political and Organizational Leadership (3)
  • 2-5 credit hours from the following, or other courses as approved by the program director, including an independent study in a leadership-related topic or Community Service Learning Project:

COMM-310 Public Speaking (3)

GOVT-320 The Presidency (3)

GOVT-520 Advanced Studies in Campaign Management (4)

GOVT-523 The Art and Craft of Lobbying (4)

JLS-308 Justice, Morality and the Law (3)

JLS-309 Justice and Public Policy (3)

JLS-504 Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice (3)

PUAD-260 Administrative Politics (3)

PUAD-343 Organizing Public Services (3)

SIS-308 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution (3)

SIS-328 Approaches to Peacemaking (3)

SIS-341 Intercultural Communication (3)