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Sociology | Center on Health, Risk, and Society


Battelle-Tomkins, T-21
Fax: 202-885-2477

  • Frank Sosa and Gia Badolato

    What's It
    Like to Work
    at CHRS?

    Frank Sosa and Gia Badolato
    look back on their research
    assistantships with CHRS.

  • CHRS team attends 2nd International ASSHH in Paris

    CHRS at
    Paris ASSHH

    The CHRS team with Annie George at the
    Paris ASSHH conference in July 2013.

  • CHRS faculty featured in October 2013 National SBSRN Scientific Meeting

    7th Annual Social & Behavioral Science Research Network National Meeting

    CHRS faculty featured in the National SBSRN Meeting in Washington in fall 2013.

  • CHRS Director Kim Blankenship

    Community Disruption
    & HIV in DC

    Center on Health, Risk, and Society conference
    examines impact of community disruption on HIV risk.

  • What is CHRS

    What Is CHRS?

    A community of scholars pursuing issues
    of health, health-related risks, social
    inequality, and structural interventions

About the Center on Health, Risk, and Society

The Center on Health, Risk, and Society seeks to build an interdisciplinary community of scholars at American University interested in conducting research on the social dimensions of health and health-related risks, especially on their roots in social inequality, and on structural interventions aimed at addressing them. It will provide a range of resources in support of the development of externally funded research in these areas, both within the United States and globally. More...


Current projects of the Center on Health, Society, and Risk include:


Kim Blankenship published "30 Years After Discovery of HIV Virus: The Vital Role of the Social Sciences" in Huffington Post.