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Kogod Design Elements

Kogod Core Brand: Logos and Fonts

Kogod Logo

To download the Kogod logo, click the file name below and the logo will open in a new window. Right click on the image and select "Save Image As."

Color Logo (jpg) Engraved Logo (jpg)
Black and White Logo (jpg)

Kogod 60th Anniversary Mark (jpg)

If you need another version of these files, please contact Carrie Moskal at

Kogod Fonts

The University has approved the following fonts: Helvetica, Garamond, and Interstate. Arial is permitted when Helvetica is not available and is recommended particularly for PowerPoint presentations that will be used on multiple machines. 

To install any of the above fonts, login to Novell to access the I-Drive.

  1. Under "My Computer" select the "I-drive" and double-click the "IT folder." Double-click on the folder of the font that you'd like to add, such as the "Helvetica LT Std" folder.
  2. Within that folder, single-click any font. Then, hold Ctrl-A. All of the items in that folder will be selected (highlighted).
  3. Next, open the Windows Control Panel by choosing either "Start/Control Panel" or "Start/Settings/Control Panel". 
  4. Click the "Appearance & Personalization" tab, then click the "Fonts" icon. The "Fonts" folder will open. 
  5. To install the fonts, simply drag and drop the highlighted fonts from the IT Folder into your "Fonts" window. They will automatically copy.

Please contact Adrian Mihailescu at with any questions.