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Marketing and Communication Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Kogod logos and fonts?

  • Please click here to download Kogod logos and fonts.

How can I request copies of Kogod materials such as brochures, folders, thank you notes, and project paper?

How can I get my event or announcement displayed on the flat screens?

  • Please use the flat screen request form to submit your announcement as soon as possible. New slides are added to the flat screens every Tuesday.

How can I schedule a podcast for an upcoming event or guest speaker?

  • Please contact AU's Audio Visual Department for larger events or panel speakers. Kogod Marketing and Communications has several mini-recorders for individual guest speakers. Depending on what you would like to do with the podcast, it can be posted on AU's iTunes U website or posted on the course Blackboard page.

How can I update my faculty profile?

  • Please download this guide for specific instructions on how to update your faculty profile and picture.

How do I request a Kogod faculty/staff polo or nametag?

  • Rene Kauder places these orders throughout the year. Please email Rene at or call (202) 885-1915.

I have a guest speaker coming to my class. How do I get a gift for him/her?

  • Please use the guest speaker gift form to submit your request at least 24-hours before you need to pick up the gift. There is no charge for this service.

How often are the Kogod homepage and the flat screens throughout the building updated?

  • The Kogod homepage is updated each week. To recommend a story for the Kogod homepage, please use the news stories form. To post announcements on the Kogod flat screens, please submit your information on the flat screen request form.

I have a great new marketing or sponsorship idea for Kogod, who do I tell?