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Cuban Missile Crisis: SIS in the News

Fidel Castro

Professor Philip Brenner

Interviewed in “Looking Back at the Cuban Missile Crisis, 50 Years Later,” WTOP, Oct. 15.

Interviewed in “Marking the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Al-Jazeera, Oct. 14.

Interviewed in “50 Years After Cuban Missile Crisis, U.S. Influence in Hemisphere Waning,” The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 14.

Interviewed in “A 50 Años de la Crisis de los Misiles, ¿Aprendió el Mundo Algo?” La Página (El Salvador), Oct. 7.

Professor Michael Dobbs

Author, “The Price of a 50-year Myth,” The New York Times, Oct. 16.

Professor Robert Pastor

Interviewed in “Cuban Missile Crisis Myth Constrains Today’s Diplomatic Standoffs,” The Los Angeles Times, Oct. 17.

Interviewed in “The Untold Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Associated Press, Oct. 16.  

Interviewed in “Cuban Missile Crisis: The 3 Most Surprising Things You Didn’t Know,” The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 16.

Interviewed in “Cuban Missile Crisis Beliefs Endure After 50 Years,” KCAU-TV (Sioux City, IA), Oct. 13.

Professor Svetlana Savranskaya

(with Philip Brenner and Michael Dobbs): Interviewed in “Cuban Missile Crisis: The Other Secret One,” BBC News, Oct. 13.