Office of the Registrar

Grading System (1978-Summer 2012)

Note: There is no official percentile equivalent for grades at American University.

          Grade Quality Points (QP)    
    4 point 3 point*               
                               A (Excellent) 4.0 3  
  A- 3.7    
  B+ 3.3    
  B (Good) 3.0 2  
  B- 2.7    
  C+ 2.3  
  C (Satisfactory) 2.0 1  
  C- 1.7    
  D (Poor) 1.0 0  
  F (Failure) 0 -1  
  X (Failure: administrative penalty) 0    

* The 3-point system was used prior to fall 1970


Grades not calculated in the grade point average:
I = Incomplete*
IP = In progress
L = Audit
N = No grade reported or invalid grade
P = Pass**
W = Withdrawal (after first two weeks of semester)
ZF = Fail on pass/fail option
ZL = Administrative withdrawal from audit
ZX = Fail (administrative penalty) on pass/fail option


*Incompletes: Before fall 1980, an Incomplete could stand as a permanent grade.
Effective fall 1980, an Incomplete may no longer stand as a permanent grade. The Incomplete Contract between student and instructor includes a default grade specified by the instructor; this grade is recorded as the final grade should the student fail to submit the outstanding work by the end of the following semester.

**Pass: Indicates a quality of performance no less than C for undergraduates or B for graduate students on a conventional grading scale.


  R = Repeated course (follows the grade) **Reinstated Fall 2012  
  S = Satisfactory  
  U = Unsatisfactory  
  WF = Withdrawl failing  
  WP = Withdrawal passing  
  Z = No grade reported (on pass/fail option)