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Office of the University Registrar

Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma)

Key Benefits:

  • More than a paper diploma: An official, portable and verifiable electronic version of your accomplishment that can be shared for a lifetime!
  • The CeDiploma holds your 12-digit CeDiD* (See Features Page). Using Validation Services, your CeDiD is the key to your degree information for employers, agencies and more.
  • Provide your CeDiD and School URL on your resume to highlight your achievement and expedite the verification process for potential employers.
  • Unlimited Sharing with employers, family, friends and social media.
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*CeDID (Certified Electronic Document Identifier)

Online Validation for employers

Highly Secure:

  • The CeDiploma can be independently validated through the University website by future employers, State Government Licensing Agencies and any other entity that wishes to validate your achievement.
  • The document is Digitally Signed and encrypted such that it is trusted and more readily accepted.

For more Information

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CeDiploma Validation


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