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Graduate Research Award: Jacquelyn Chi

Jacquelyn Chi

Jacquelyn Chi

SIS/MA '11, International Communication


"I have always loved food," confesses Chi, who has been able to combine this personal passion with her studies throughout her time at SIS. With courses in Communication and Social and Economic Development and International Public Relations, Chi discovered her interest in slow food, and how these "programs contribute to economic empowerment efforts in developing countries."

Chi submitted a paper on slow food and international development to the SIS Journal of International Service, and presented this same work at the Food Studies and Communication seminar at the National Communication Association convention in November in San Francisco, CA, with her Graduate Research Award covering some of the travel costs. "The seminar aims to better understand the way in which food connects disparate interests in such things as cultural identity, climate change, history, sustainability, and power. I explored several of these topics in my own paper on slow food and development, and hope to continue doing so in my larger research of the power of food as a cultural diplomacy and nation-branding tool."