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US Summer Sisters Exchange Program

2016 Summer Sisters

The U.S. Summer Sisters Summer Exchange Program encourages gifted low to middle income female high school students to imagine more for their future by allowing them to study science, leadership, international affairs, among others topics at U.S. universities.

In summer 2016, nineteen young Pakistani girls received summer scholarships to study at American University, Babson College, Barnard College, the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, National Student Leadership Conference, Smith College, and Washington University

Three new universities will be joining the program in 2017. These include Brown University, Duke University and the University of Chicago.

Students go through a rigorous application and interview process with our local partner iEARN Pakistan. Applications are received from all over Pakistan and students are selected based on merit.

Alumni of the Summer Sisters program agree that their time in the U.S. exceeded their expectations. As one said, “The Summer Sister Program provided spectacular memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I made wonderful friends and learned galore. This instrumental opportunity has paved the way to my career.”

Through the generous support of the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan and the academic partners, the Summer Sisters have developed leadership skills, gained confidence to invest in their future, and served as cultural ambassadors to the United States. They also enrich the experience of their fellow students. As the program director at Smith College explained, “The American students were especially interested in learning about [the Pakistani student’s] family and lifestyle, which sparked many conversations about gender roles, equality, and religion. These conversations about differences are critical, because they help eliminate stereotypes of women in Pakistan, but also highlight the need for more access to opportunities for Pakistani women and girls. [The student] was the perfect representative of this dichotomy, and demonstrated the talent and intellect that Pakistani women have to offer the world.”

The Council will continue to encourage the Summer Sisters long after they return to Pakistan by arranging internships, networking opportunities, and leadership training. We have also linked them to opportunities provided through the Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN) and iEARN.

American University

Community of Scholars

The Community of Scholars program is a rigorous college-credit summer program designed for students entering their junior and senior years of high school. The Community of Scholars offers academically outstanding students the chance to broaden their understanding of international relations by enrolling in a three-credit college class designed just for them. Students admitted to this program will sample the undergraduate experience and take advantage of what the School of International Service (SIS) has to offer. Community of Scholars introduces students to the advancing field of global affairs through college-level coursework. Whether online or in class at AU, instructors provide dynamic lectures and engage students in discussions as well as simulations, such as a mock UN debate.

Babson College

Summer Study Program

The Summer Study Program provides a living/learning laboratory for students to focus on applying and advancing their knowledge in business and entrepreneurship. In this collaborative community, students will gain the tools and experience first-hand of how to impact and reshape organizations, industries, and the world. Each program will introduce students to Babson's way of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action and provide resources and strategies for students to think about company and world issues through their classes, cases, speakers, and scheduled activities.

Barnard College


Courses for the Entrepreneurs-in-Training program range from Developing a Business Idea to Getting Funded and include three site visits to start-ups in New York. This program helps students develop their ideas and turn them into a promising plan of action with hands-on teaching by some of the most successful leaders in the industry. Students will work in groups as they develop their own ventures, build public speaking skills, and ultimately pitch their ideas to mentors, staff, judges, and fellow students - resulting in an awards ceremony for Most Compelling Pitch and more. Instructors for these courses and workshops are start-up experts, having founded or led ventures of their own. 

Brown University

Leadership Institute

Brown University’s Leadership Institute offers an innovative and unique leadership program designed for highly motivated, intellectually curious students who are interested in social issues and creating positive change. The Leadership Institute consists of three foundational elements: academic content, leadership development, and the Action Plan. Students will work with outstanding faculty, undergraduates, and peers in a highly immersive and interactive program. In each course, students will focus intensely on an academic topic such as science, international issues, development, global health, or social entrepreneurship. It is in the context of exploring and understanding these areas that students will also develop your leadership skills.

Duke University

Summer Academy for High School Students

Duke University’s Summer Academy for High School Students offers a three-week, non-credit-bearing program offered by Duke University aimed to attract students who represent the next generation of global citizens from around the world. This elite program brings an international experience designed to provide an academic and residential environment through which students gain a global perspective on multiple areas of interest for young leaders. Courses are offered in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship,philanthropy, and lab research work in science and technology.

Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill

Girls' Leadership Worldwide

This international leadership development program is comprised of selected students who are entering their sophomore and junior year of high school next fall. During this residential program, girls from diverse cultures and backgrounds come together to engage in workshops and activities designed to fully awaken the leader within them, using the leadership model of Eleanor Roosevelt. Girls experience interactive workshops, field trips to New York City, the United Nations and other significant sites, while building supportive relationships with inspiring mentors and peers.

Georgetown University

Immersion Program

The Georgetown University Immersion Program is a three-week residential program that provides an intensive exploration of single subject area. Students live on campus, learn from prominent faculty, and gain valuable hands-on experience through case studies, worksheets and off-site trips in Washington, D.C. Program focuses on economic policy immersion and medical immersion.

George Washington University

Summer Immersion Program

Summer Immersion is a pre-college, non-credit program for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Summer Immersion students enroll in two-week, full-day, non-graded courses that integrate lecture-based instruction with experiential and applied activities. Students expand and deepen their knowledge of a topic through collaborative learning and exploration of diverse intellectual and cultural resources of Washington, D.C. Program areas include arts, business, communications, international affairs, technology, science, writing, politics, media and international law. 

Harvard University

Secondary School Program

The Secondary School Program (SSP) is designed to let high school students experience college life, alongside college and adult students. Summer Program students can earn college credit in Harvard courses and explore subjects not available at high schools. They study with distinguished faculty, use state-of-the-art labs, and have access to the largest university library system in the world.By living on campus or participating in intramural sports, a trivia bowl, dances and other school activities they can make friends from all over the globe. They can also attend college prep workshops, a college fairs, and talks by Harvard students and Harvard admissions staff. Arts, humanities, social sciences, business, technology, math, science, foreign language, literature, writing, and journalism are some of the focus areas in the program.

Johns Hopkins University

Discover Hopkins

Discover Hopkins is a program concentrated on science that was created to provide a short-term undergraduate experience to pre-college students from the U.S. and abroad. This program allows students to choose from a variety of intensive, theme-based, for-credit courses that are designed to export them to topics from different perspectives. Students enroll in a rigorous all-day course that meets Monday through Friday for two weeks. Class are structured so that students are led through the subject by their instructor with morning lectures. The afternoons are setup so that either experts in the discipline present as guest speakers or students are taken on on-site visits to locations pertinent to the academic topic. In this way, Hopkins blends experiential learning with more traditional learning style.

National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC)

Engineering or Medicine and Healthcare Programs at American University

Since 1989, the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) has invited a select group of outstanding high school students to participate in its fast-paced, high-level, interactive summer sessions. Summer Sisters’ participants will attend either the NSLC on Engineering or the NSLC on Medicine and Healthcare programs, both of which are held at American University. At the NSLC on Engineering, students will, among other things, explore a variety of engineering fields including mechanical, civil, electrical, and biomedical engineering. At the NSLC on Medicine and Healthcare, students will visit medical facilities and interact with physicians and researchers, diagnose and treat patients through a simulation, and learn and practice medical and surgical techniques. In both NSLC programs, students will practice core leadership skills in public speaking, team building, ethical decision-making, conflict resolution, and negotiation.

Smith University

Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program

The Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program (SSEP) is a four-week residential program for exceptional young women with strong interests in science, engineering and medicine. Each July, select high school students from across the country and abroad come to Smith College to do hands-on research with Smith faculty in the life and physical sciences and in engineering. After the program, participants return to high school better prepared to tackle tough science courses and better informed about what to expect in college.

University of Chicago

Arts and Sciences Pre-College Summer Program

University of Chicago’s Arts and Sciences is an intensive pre-college summer program for high school students that cultivates critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, and effective communication skills through interdisciplinary work drawing upon material from the sciences, humanities, and the social sciences. Students educated in the liberal arts tradition are distinguished by their ability to successfully navigate a fast-paced world that is increasingly characterized by complexity, diversity, and change. In a program inspired by the UChicago’s fabled Core curriculum, academically ambitious high school students will have the opportunity to experience the university’s brand of intellectual engagement in an on-campus program taught by teams of faculty and graduate student instructors from different disciplines.

Washington University

High School Summer Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering Institutes

High School Summer Institutes combine traditional undergraduate class and lab curriculum with organized field trips, guest lectures, and hands-on activities in order for students to gain valuable academic and career experience. Institutes are divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Students will have assigned readings and assignments through the program. Every student completes a student reflection essay and a final project which varies for each institutes. In the evenings students attend academic seminars, workshops, and social events.