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Nick Zachar filming in the Caribbean.

The world faces unprecedented environmental challenges, from climate change to species extinction. But powerful images and films, can capture our attention and alert millions to the value of protecting the natural world. With the right combination of creative thinking, enthusiasm, practical knowledge, altruism, and a commitment to the natural world, today's students will become tomorrow's environmental stewards.

What unites the Center's many programs — besides a commitment to the environment — is the desire to transform students' lives. We show students that through hard work, perseverance, critical thinking, and creativity, they can bring focus, passion, and meaning to their films and their lives. We value the exuberance that is born of the creative process, the courage to stand up for one's beliefs, and the compassion to care for those who can't speak for themselves — all fundamentally important values that will benefit students throughout their lives.

Flowers and cultivated plants next to a bench, right near the School of International Service building.

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