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American University’s Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies (CCPS) serves scholars, students, policymakers and the public by propelling actionable research, providing public education and promoting a more reasonable democratic square.

The Politics of Truth Conference March 28, 2018

Perceptions of factual reality now come in partisan shades of red and blue, rendering large swaths of the American citizenry stubbornly misinformed and ever more disdainful of inter-partisan cooperation. What are the factors, specifically, that drive such dueling fact perceptions? What are the ensuing consequences? And how effective are the correctives to misinformation that reformers have proposed?
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A panel of experts spoke about the challenge of tracking foreign lobbyists, recent scandals, and proposed reforms at an event sponsored by the AU School of Public Affairs' Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies.

Government & Politics ·

Foreign Lobbying in Congress: A Discussion of Influence and Transparency

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James Thurber, middle, sits in the Campaign Management Institute classroom.

A Winning Strategy

The Campaign Management Institute has become an internationally recognized curriculum in the art and science of campaigning.

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David Barker

On Campus ·

SPA Announces New Director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies

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CCPS Video & Audio Clips

  • Setting Limits on Presidential Power Under the Trump Administration

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  • The Transition and the First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency

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Progressives, Conservatives, and Bipartisan Cooperation?

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Thurber Scholarship Endowment students

Thurber Scholarship Endowment

The James and Claudia Thurber Scholarship Endowment, established by former AU students and colleagues.

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