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Key Executive Leadership Programs

Leadership Forum 2012

Leadership Forum

Leadership Forum participants are busy career federal executives who seek solutions to common problems that stifle the public policy implementation process.

Key Executive Leadership Forum

NEXT FORUM: May 5, 2014
Continental breakfast begins at 8:00am

This special networking forum creates an environment where federal executives can explore and discuss solutions to common challenges that can impede the public policy implementation process and hinder the success of a strong workforce. 

Next Session: Action Learning for Federal Agencies - Action, Performance, Impact

How does Action Learning support the creation of transformational leaders and increased agency performance?

Action Learning is an innovative problem solving methodology that allows agencies to solve "wicked" organizational problems and simultaneously develop individual leadership competencies. Agencies benefit from this approach in a number of ways: harnessing intellectual power; building integrated teams skilled in reflective questioning; and discovering practical solutions to long unresolved problems.

Learn about Action Learning from those who have experienced the process and made valuable recommendations for change to their agencies.


Robert Tobias, Director, Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation, School of Public Affairs, American University

Patrick Malone, Executive-in-Residence, Key Executive Leadership Programs, School of Public Affairs, American University

Ilona Birenbaum, Leadership Coach, PCC and Consultant

Location: Contact:
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Jennifer L. Tether
1779 Massachusetts Ave NW (202) 885-3857
Washington, DC 20036
Eventbrite - Key Leadership Forum: Action Learning - Action, Performance, Impact

Who Attends the Leadership Forum?

Leadership Forum participants are busy career federal executives who seek solutions to common problems that stifle the public policy implementation process. The attendees are key stakeholders of public policy: members of Congress, political appointees, SES career executives, union and association presidents, members of consulting and technology firms, and academics. These decision-makers recognize that collaboration is critical to successful implementation.

ISPPI provides well-known experts in public policy who faced the same implementation issues that plague Leadership Forum participants. These experts provide information and reveal the strategies and tactics they used to address implementation problems.

Ideas for Leadership Forum meetings come from meeting participants, and straight from the headlines. Some of the issues previously discussed include:

  • Use of category ranking program
  • Use of Balanced Scorecard System
  • Forming public/private partnerships
  • Developing agency culture to improve program outcomes
  • Collective bargaining compatibility with pay for performance

The issues discussed at Leadership Forum meetings are broad-based. The lessons participants learn from their interaction with Leadership Forum experts provides participants the opportunity to learn and attain tools to be used to implement the changes necessary to improve agency performance.