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Statement from the American University Alumni Board Regarding Campus Climate

The American University Alumni Board is disappointed and disheartened by the recent events on campus. We know that racist and bigoted behavior stands in direct contradiction to AU’s history, mission, and vision. Most importantly, we know this behavior is diametrically opposed to the shared values and culture of our alma mater. We write today to make clear that we stand as allies and in solidarity with all students of color at American University.

That said, this statement is not enough. As an Alumni Board, we have each committed to heightening our service and visibility so that all students know they are part of a larger family who support inclusion and diversity. But it can’t just be the members of the Alumni Board. Now is the time for all of our alumni to reconnect with AU. Please join us in this crucial effort. Let us know how you want to make an impact or let us suggest some opportunities for volunteerism. We want to hear from you. Email us at Help us model the positivity you want to see at AU.

Andrea Agathoklis Murino, SPA/BA ’98, President
Joe Vidulich, SPA/BA ’08, Vice President, Operations
Amy Jones, SPA/BA ’99, WCL/JD ’03, Vice President, External Relations
Chip Griffin, SPA/BA ’94, Past President
Robert Johnson, SPA/BS ’81, Secretary
Rachel Weiner Cohen, SPA/BA ’04, WCL/JD ’08
Kristen Eastlick, CAS/BA ’95, SPA/MA ’96
Nick Kuhn, Kogod/MBA ’86
Amy Lampert, SOC/BA ’94
Kevin Malecek, SPA/BA ’01, SPA/MA ’02
London McCloud, Kogod/BSBA ’02
Jolene McNeil, SPA/BA ’97
John Morada, SPA/BS ’00
Drew Nickels, SIS/BA ’03
Sara Nieves-Grafals, CAS/BA ’75, CAS/MA ’79, CAS/PhD ’80
Penny Pagano, SOC/BA ’65
Christopher Quintyne, SPA/BA ’07
David Teslicko, SIS/BA ’09, WCL/JD ’12
Jorhena Thomas, SIS/MA ’04
Merri Uckert, SIS/BA ’77
Alexa Pappas Zannetos, SPA/BA ’90