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Known as a college-centered research university, AU values scholar-teachers who are fully engaged both in research and in undergraduate and graduate teaching.

American University, a Carnegie-classified research university, is deeply committed to creating knowledge, including creative and professional activity, in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the professions. We strongly support research by our students and faculty.

Whether you are a student looking for project funding or a faculty member looking to communicate research impact, this site offers various resources to assist with research at AU. Please take a minute to look around the site to learn more about the exciting, innovative, and inspiring research taking place at American University.  

Application Deadlines

  • Ait-Ghezala Fellowship: March 8
  • Doctoral Scholarships: March 11
  • Massey Fellowship: March 22
  • United Methodist Scholarship: March 22


Reseach Highlights

Ifeoluwa M. Olawole and Charlotte Prud'Humme

Research ·

Graduate Fellowships Available: Opportunity to Improve Lives Through Research

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Hurricane statistics

Business ·

Blockchain: How Increasing Trust, Efficiency, and Transparency Can Save Lives

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Professor and student working in lab.

Research ·

Unraveling The Genetic Causes of Skin Cancer

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Recent Publications

People putting food items into donation box

Research ·

New Research Focuses on Coping with Food Insecurity

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A hand hooked up to an IV line

International ·

To End the HIV Epidemic, Address Poverty

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Child standing before a sunset

International ·

Senate Vote Could End US Complicity in the Saudi-Led Genocide in Yemen

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