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FAHC 2021 Conference September 24-26

The 2021 conference featured

  • Keynote by Dorothy Ko, Barnard College, Columbia University:
    Melt: The Female Body and the Ecology of Creative Destruction in China
  • Mixed-media artist Amber Robles-Gordon and her exhibition Successions: Traversing US Colonialism
  • Over 60 presentations and 20 session panels.

Complete Schedule

Friday, Sept. 24 | Saturday, Sept. 25 | Sunday, Sept. 26 


Friday, September 24


Online help and last-minute registration available.

Keynote Address:
“Melt: The Female Body and the Ecology of Creative Destruction in China”6:30-7:45

Dorothy Y. Ko, Professor of Chinese History, Chair of Department of History at Barnard College of Columbia University


Saturday, September 25

Breakfast Zoom Social Hour9:00-10:00

Online help and last-minute registration available.

Session One 10:00 – 10:50 AM

1A. The Symbolic Body

Panel Chair: Elizabeth Honig, University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) 

Victoria Jennings, University of California, Santa Barbara
I Sing the Body Magical: Baubo’s Apotropaic Power

Emma Dove, The University of Virginia
Distributed Gender, Paradoxical Relics, and the Prayer Book of Bonne of Luxembourg

Jutta Sperling, Hampshire College
Venus Lactans/Venus Pudica: Archaeology of a Gesture

1B. Mentors and Organizers?

Panel Chair: Charlotte Ickes, National Portrait Gallery

Amy Rahn, University of Maine at Augusta
Like a Family: On Joan Mitchell’s Mentorship
Kelsey Frady Malone, Henderson State University
“A Band of Independent Partners in Talent”: The Artistic Collaborations of the Red Rose Girls
Joanna Gardner-Huggett, DePaul University
Divining Sapphire and Crystals: A Black Women Artists' Collective in Chicago (1987-Present)

Genevieve Hulley, University of Washington
Zoë Dusanne: Refusal as Performance

1C. Body Politics

Panel Chair: Juliet Bellow, American University

Heather Belnap, Brigham Young University
Sexual Politics in the Popular Prints of Allied-Occupied Paris, 1814-1819

Ankita Srivastava, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Gem among Women, Pillar of the State: The Gendered Self-Representation of Begum Samru of Sardhana

Nicole Georgopulos, Stony Brook University
“De peinture et de poudre”: Transforming the Toilette in the Age of Realism

1D. Activism: Making Space

Panel Chair: Melanee Harvey, Howard University

Evie Terrono, Randolph-Macon College
Gender Trespasses, Art Activism, and Modernism in the Old Dominion: The Creative Career of Amaza Lee Meredith (1895-1984)

crystal am nelson, University of California, Santa Cruz
In Our Mothers' Gardens: Aesthetic Communities of Resistance

Claire Raymond, Princeton University
Matika Wilbur’s Peregrinations-Project 562

Barbara Tyner, Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm, Mexico City
Glitter Bombs and Hammers: A More Urgent Feminist Protest Art in Mexico City 2017-2020.

1E. Constructing the Artist

Panel Chair: Joshua Shannon, University of Maryland, College Park

Maria-Mirka Palioura, Benaki Museum
Spyridoula Pyrpyli, Independent Scholar
A Woman in Men's Clothes: The Case of the Greek Painter Heleni Altamura (1821-1900)

Jennifer Way, University of North Texas
Gendering frameworks of diplomacy and art school: Saigon’s National Superior School of Fine Arts in a USIA film, 1957

Ellery Foutch, Middlebury College
“Why So Few Gal Artists?” Perceptions of Female Artists in Twentieth-Century American Culture

Session Two 11:00 – 11:50 AM

2A. Early Modern Women Artists

Panel Chair: Sheila Barker, The Medici Archive Project

Samantha Chang, University of Toronto
Making Music, Making Art: Women Painters and the Sister Arts

Aneta Georgievska-Shine, University of Maryland
Clara Peeters, the Bridal Knife, and the Bubbles of Being

Alicia R. Zuese, Southern Methodist University
Women in the Artistic Workshops of Seventeenth-Century Seville

2B. Finding Feminisms

Panel Chair: Anne Richter, American University

Zoë Dostal, Columbia University
Gender, Industry, and National Myth in George Romney’s Emma Hart as The Spinstress

Maura Gleeson, Valencia College
Natural Companions: Education, Émulation, and Identity at Madame Campan’s School

André Dombrowski, University of Pennsylvania
Impressionism’s Feminism: Camille Pissarro Paints Maria Deraismes

Ashley E. Williams, Columbia University
From Bowery to Broadway: Mapping Lilly Martin Spencer in Nineteenth-Century New York City

2C. Bodies in Motion

Panel Chair: Jordan Amirkhani, The Rivers Institute for Contemporary Art

Naomi Edmondson, Beaufort Historical Association
Fantasies, Fashions, and Female Gazes: Jacqueline Marval’s Self-presentation and Female Nudes

Elizabeth S. Hawley, Northeastern University
Primitivism, Posing, and the Racial Politics of Dance in John Sloan’s Nude Studies of Edna Guy
Jonathan Frederick Walz, Columbus Museum
Alma W. Thomas’s Moving Pictures

2D. Sculpture: Deconstructing Masculinity

Panel Chair: Danielle O’steen, Kreeger Museum

Georgina G. Gluzman, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (National Scientific and Technical Research Council)
Bronze, Marble, and the Nation: the First Generation of Argentine Female Sculptors

Elizabeth A. Carlson, Lawrence University
Fifth Avenue Fashions: Ethel Myers’ Satirical Sketches and Sculptures

Marissa Vigneault, Utah State University
Feminist Time at/in/around Sun Tunnels

2E. Mysticism and Spirituality

Panel Chair: Michele Greet, George Mason University

Sandrine Canac, Independent Scholar
Rethinking Conceptual Art: Paraconceptualism in the work of Susan Hiller and Eugenia P. Butler

Sherry Buckberrough, University of Hartford
Mendieta’s Trees

Mey-Yen Moriuchi, La Salle University
Tilsa Tsuchiya's Mitos: Existence and Possibility

Lunch Zoom Social Hour 1:00 – 1:50 PM

Session Three 2:00 – 2:50 PM

3A. Spaces, Virtual and Real

Panel Chair: Georgianna Ziegler, University of Pennsylvania

Barbara Kellum, Smith College
Good Husbandry: The First Empress Livia’s Buildings and the Transformation of the Esquiline Hill, Rome

Emma Le Pouésard, Columbia University
Checkmate: Feminine Agency on the Medieval Battlefield of Love

Elizabeth Fowler, University of Virginia
The Virtual Reality of Medieval Illumination and Women’s Mobility

Cynthia Stollhans, Saint Louis University
The Visible Mistress at the Papal Court: Lives, Lovers and Art

3B. Self-Fashioning

Panel Chair: Vanessa Schulman, George Mason University

Brittney J. Bailey, Rutgers University
Looking for Coco: Desire and Design in Marie Laurencin’s Portrait “Mademoiselle Chanel”

Lily F. Scott, Temple University
Archive of Inverts: Romaine Brooks and the Chronicling of Female Masculinity

Caroline M. Riley, Kluge Center Fellow, Library of Congress
Thérèse Bonney’s Photographic Re-Fashioning of Professional Women in the Early Twentieth Century

3C. Maternity Revisited

Panel Chair: Andrea Liss, California State University San Marcos

Jana Kukaine, Art Academy of Latvia
Motherhood as Visceral Vulnerability. Helēna Heinrihsone and Rasa Jansone

Rachel Lallouz, University of Alberta
Queering Reproduction in Ai Hasegawa’s BioArt

Robert R. Shane, Independent Curator & Critic
Mirroring Mothers: Witnessing Maternal Subjectivity in Sarah Irvin’s Breast-Feeding Drawings

3D. Raising Awareness

Panel Chair: Madeline Eschenburg, Washburn University

Ayelen Pagnanelli, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas
Gendering Latin American Abstraction: Madí Women Artists (Buenos Aires, 1944-1954)

Tal Dekel, Kibbutzim College
Intersectional Feminist Analysis of Old Age in Israel: Art, Gender, Ageism

Alicia Volk, University of Maryland, College Park
Women’s Liberation, Democratic Revolution, and Art in Post World War II Japan: Akamatsu Toshiko and the Women’s Democratic Association

3E. Activism: In Word and Deed

Panel Chair: Namiko Kunimoto, Ohio State University

Krista Bailie, University of British Columbia
“Moving In and Between”: Negotiating Multiple Oppressions in the Subcultures of GDR Performance

Anja Foerschner, ECC Performance Art
Female Agency in the Arts of Former Yugoslavia

Rebecca M. Brown, Johns Hopkins University
Intimate Activism: Dayanita Singh, the Photobook, and Reading Gender

Cocktail Zoom Social Hour 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Sunday, September 26

Session Four10:00 – 10:50am

4A. Art and Craft, Medium and Message

Panel Chair: Cristin McKnight Sethi, George Washington University

Doris Sung, University of Alabama
The Transcultural Art Practice of Chinese Embroiderer Shen Shou (1874–1921)

Elyse Speaks, University of Notre Dame
“Glue-Gun Wielding Groupies”: Martha Stewart, Sarah Sze, and DIYism in the 1990s

Letícia Cobra Lima, University of California, Santa Barbara
Marisol: Queering Art Historical Time

Melissa Johnson, Illinois State University
“Where the Body Is as Eloquent and Articulate as the Text”: Anne Bogart (SITI Company) and Ann Hamilton’s the Theatre is a Blank Page”

4B. Subversion

Panel Chair: Tobias Wofford, Virginia Commonwealth University

Catherine A. Southwick, National Gallery of Art
Margaret Burroughs and Subversive Still Life

Cortney Kramer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Matter of Denial: Contextualizing Stella Waitzkin’s Resin Books without Words

Susan Lee, Concordia College
The Artistry of the Gisaeng as Colonized Chosen Body

4C. Antiquity: Myth and Fantasy

Panel Chair: Angela Ho, George Mason University

Katherine A.P. Iselin, University of Missouri
Erotic Art and the Roman Woman Viewer

Ella Gonzalez, Johns Hopkins University
Like Niobe, all tears”?: Re-examining the Niobid Krater through Feminist Revisionist Mythology

Rosemary Wright, Independent Scholar
The Kumano Kanshin Jukkai Mandara, the Kumano Bikuni and the etoki

4D. Technologies of Resistance

Chair: Sarah Gordon, Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Government of the District of Columbia

Maddy Henkin, University of Southern California
Thinking With: Miriam Schapiro’s Computer Paintings, 1969-1971

Jennifer M. Kruglinski, Salisbury University
Agency and Gender in Eleanor Antin’s Little Nurse Eleanor

Jui-Ch’i Liu, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Feminist Politics of Affect and Trauma in the Early Self-Representations by Nan Goldin

4E. Exhibiting Female Agency

Panel Chair: Eve Straussman-Pflanzer, National Gallery of Art

Nicole Cook, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Feminist Approaches to Early Modern Women in Museums: A Case Study at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Virginia (Ginny) Treanor, National Museum of Women in the Arts
Women Artists of the Dutch Golden Age: An Exhibition Test Case

Ying-chen Peng, American University
Unveiling the Hidden: Exhibiting the Arts of Qing Imperial Women

Special AU-NGA Panel: “Feminist Issues for Museums”11:30 – 1:00


Mikka Gee Conway, Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Officer and EEO Director, National Gallery of Art


  • Lauren Haynes, Duke University Museum
  • Catherine Morris, Brooklyn Museum
  • Asma Naeem, Baltimore Museum of Art
  • Christine Sciacca, Walters Art Museum
  • Christina Yu Yu, MFA Boston