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Carmel Institute of Russian Culture & History; Susan Carmel Lerhman, Founder.

Our Mission

The Carmel Institute builds lasting connections between Russian and American youth through musical and theater performances, Russian and Soviet film screenings, conferences, student exchanges and trips, and art exhibits. The Institute offers grants to Russian and American students to study in each others' countries.

The Carmel Institute: A Video Introduction


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Spring 2020 Events

  • An Evening of Hot Jazz
    3 February 2020
    Russian Embassy
  • Fate of a Man
    Film Screening
    Russian Embassy
  • Ballad of a Soldier
    Film Screening
    5 March 2020
    Russian Embassy
  • World War II and the Soviet Union:
    Reflections on the 75th Anniv.

    Katzen Arts Center
    American University


Gabriella Folsom on Kizhi Island, Russia.

History Thesis Forged over a Russian Winter

Gabriella Folsom's thesis explores Kizhi Island history through Carmel Institute travel and research support.

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Ivan's Childhood Dinner

Arts ·

Growing Up Too Soon: "Ivan's Childhood" at the Russian Embassy

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A crowd of people at the Stilyagi screening

Arts ·

Counter-Cultural Cool: Valery Todorovsky’s Stilyagi (Hipsters) at the Russian Embassy

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