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Photograph of Amy Oliver

Amy Oliver Associate Professor World Languages and Cultures

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(202) 885-2140
CAS - Philosophy and Religion
Battelle-Tompkins - 117
Additional Positions at AU
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion
PhD, MA, University of Massachusetts; BA, Purdue University

Languages Spoken
Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Professor Oliver's teaching and research on Latin America explore philosophical topics such as marginality, feminism, nepantlismo, and transfronterismo. She works on the Hispanic essay of ideas and Latin American narrative. She has lived in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain, and traveled widely in Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, and Europe. She serves on the International Editorial Board of Cuadernos Americanos, has been a member of several committees of the American Philosophical Association, and chaired the APA's Committee on Hispanics. Professor Oliver has been President of the Society for Iberian and Latin American Thought and Director of American University's Women's and Gender Studies Program. Her latest book is Feminist Philosophy in Latin America and Spain. Since 1998, she has been a section editor for Latin American thought of various encyclopedias of philosophy published by Routledge. Professor Oliver teaches courses in the departments of Philosophy & Religion and World Languages & Cultures.
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Spring 2021

  • PHIL-416 Feminist Philosophy

  • PHIL-616 Feminist Philosophy

Fall 2021

  • PHIL-220 Moral Philosophy

  • PHIL-485 Selected Topics in Philosophy: Latin American Philosophy

Partnerships & Affiliations

  • Society for Iberian and Latin American Thought (SILAT)

  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Latin American Subject Editor