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Photograph of Brenda Chow

Brenda Chow Sr Professorial Lecturer Biology

Postdoctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute, University of California San Diego, and University of Southern California;

PhD University of Toronto (Canada); MSc University of Alberta (Canada); BSc University of Alberta (Canada)

Dr. Brenda Chow is a molecular biologist whose research interests include understanding how environmental signals (such as light and temperature) regulate the circadian clock to improve growth and fitness. Her expertise includes molecular, biochemical, and physiological techniques for dissecting the underlying genetic and molecular mechanisms. Dr. Brenda Chow is responsible for teaching courses including “Human Structure and Function”, “Molecular Biology”, and various laboratory sections.
For the Media
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Summer 2020

  • BIO-210 General Biology II

  • ISCI-196 Selected Topics: Non-Recurring: Biotechnology

Fall 2020

  • BIO-110 General Biology I

  • BIO-110 General Biology I

  • BIO-110 General Biology I

  • BIO-110 General Biology I

Spring 2021

  • BIO-489 Biotechnology