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Bryan Fantie

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology

    Human neuropsychology; neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis; closed head injury (concussion); genetics; epigenetics; schizophrenia, autism, ADD/ADHD.

    MAJOR FOCUS: Emotional Expression, Perception, & Experience, TBI/CHI, Consciousness, Neuroethics, Experimental Philosophy, Theory of Mind
  • Degrees

    Ph.D., Psychology, Dalhousie University, MA, Psychology, Dalhousie University, BA (Honours in Psychology), Concordia University, DEC/DCS (Human Science), Dawson College
  • Favorite Spot on Campus:

    They keep tearing them down...I hope to find a new spot before they tear me down as well.

    Book Currently Reading:

    'Human Kindness and the Smell of Warm Croissants' by Ruwen Ogien/'Transcending the Speed of Light' by Marc Seifer / 'Consciousness: An Introduction' by Susan Blackmore / 'Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature' by Susan E. Lederer/

  • CAS - Psychology
  • Asbury - 305
  • Tuesdays 12-2PM (FALL 2015) (Also by appointment)

  • (202) 885-1790 (Office)
  • (202) 885-1745 (Work)
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  • Fall 2015

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Kolb, B. & Fantie, B.D. (2009). Development of the Child's Brain and Behavior. In C.E. Reynolds & E. Fletcher-Janzen (Eds.) Handbook of Clinical Child Neuropsychology (3rd Edition), New York: Plenum, pp.19-416.
  • Mirsky, A.F., Fantie, B.D. & Tatman, J.E. (1995). Assessment of attention across the lifespan. In R.L. Mapou & J. Spector (Eds.) Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment: A Cognitive Approach. New York: Plenum, pp. 17-48.  
  • Kolb, B. & Fantie, B.D. (1994). Cortical graft function in adult and neonatal rats. In S.B. Dunnett & A. Bjorklund (Eds.) Functional Neural Transplantation, New York: Raven, pp. 415-436.
  • Fantie, B.D. & Kolb, B. (1991). The problems of prognosis. In J. Dywan, R.D. Kaplan, &  F.J. Pirozzolo (Eds.) Neuropsychology and the Law, New York: Springer-Verlag, pp. 186-238.

AU Expert

Area of Expertise: brain damage; concussion, neurological disorders: autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and schizophrenia; emotion, consciousness, memory, and spatial cognition; behavioral and affective neuroscience, cognitive neuropsychology, clinical neuropsychology, and behavioral genetics

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