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Frederick Bruhweiler Research Professor Physics

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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Frederick C. Bruhweiler Physicist-in-Residence& Research Professor Dept. of Physics American University (AU) E-mail: RECENT RESEARCH, ACADEMIC & ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS: 2015-present 2014-present 2011-2015 1996-2014 1992-2014 1983-1992 Physicist in Residence in the Dept. of Physics, American University (AU). Conducting research at NASA/GSFC and P.I. of multiple NASA grants. Professor & Directors Emeritus at CUA/Research Professor Director & P.I. of Center for Excellence in Physics of the Heliosphere & Sun Directed research & derived financial support for 40 CUA scientists at NASA/GSFC. Funding was at $12M for five years. Director & Founder of Institute for Astrophysics & Computational Sciences at CUA Coordinated activities of 60 individuals, including ~ 50 Ph.D.s. Individual funding was $1.1 M+/yr, while IACS funding exceeded $8M/yr. Full Professor in Dept. of Physics (CUA). Associate Research Professor (CUA) Supported self, graduate students, and post-doc fully through external research grants. PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION 1977-1979 1971-1977 1969-1971 1964-68 Post-Doc Fellow: National Research Council/National Acad. of Sciences, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Ph.D in Astronomy: University of Texas at Austin Research Assistant: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI & MIT) Research in geophysics (not in a graduate program) B.A. in Physics: Grinnell College & Coe College PUBLICATIONS For an independent listing of over 410 publications with over 6675 citations (not including some edited proceedings and encyclopedia articles), go to the web and the Astronomical Data Service (ADS) for list of publications: Statistics for the publications reveal that 103 of these publications have been cited over 10 times in the refereed literature, with 24 publications cited over 60 times. One publication has been referenced over 2000 times. Sample Publications: Bruhweiler, F., Freire Ferrero, R, Bourdin, M, Gull, T., 2010, “The Young Interstellar Bubble Within the Rosette Nebula.” ApJ, 689, 95. (Interpretation of UV spectral data & Software development) Bruhweiler, F. & Verner, E. 2008, “Modeling Fe II Emission and Revised Fe II (UV) Empirical Templates for the Seyfert 1 Galaxy I Zw 1,” ApJ, 675, 83. (Spectral modeling) Verner E., Bruhweiler F., Gull T., 2005, “Binarity of η Carinae Revealed from Photoionization Modeling of the Spectral Variability of the Weigelt Blobs”, ApJ, 624,973. (Computational Modeling) Verner E., Bruhweiler F., Verner D., Johansson S., Kallman T., Gull T., 2004, “Fe II Diagnostic Tools for Quasars”, ApJ, 611, 780. (Computational modeling) Research: • Research emphasizing modeling and spaceborne observations with Hubble Space Telescope (HST), Kepler, Spitzer, EUVE, Chandra, and other space and ground-based observatories in areas of Active Galactic Nuclei, Starbursts, Hot Stars, Cataclysmic Binaries, White Dwarfs, Interstellar Medium, and Exoplanets. • Worked closely with Instrumental Development Teams for Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph (GHRS) and Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS), key instruments flown on the HST. • Cumulative NASA & NSF Grant awards are well over $20M. (For a partial list of NASA grant awards, since 2008, go to the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) website at and search under P.I. ) Awards & Service to the Professional Community: • Numerous service awards from NASA for participation with HST & IUE observatories. This also includes two Peer Awards from the Heliospheric Science Division at NASA/GSFC for guiding the careers of young PhD scientists and heading the highly successful SESI program, which mentored ~20 undergraduate students per year for over 25 years. Received Career Achievement Award for Research from CUA in 2012. • Has served regularly on NASA and NSF scientific proposal review committees. • Elected to NASA Users Committees of IUE and EUVE space observatories. Elected as Permanent member of IUE Users Committee in 1994. Served on Organizing Committee for IAU Commission 34 (Interstellar Medium). Served on organizing committee for several international scientific meetings. • Co-editor and organizer for several scientific proceedings and three books in astrophysics and astronautics. Sponsored and supported by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Education & Public Outreach: • Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in physics and astrophysics, and has directed 6-8 graduate, undergraduate and high school students annually. • Produced 14 PhDs in Physics. • Until retirement at CUA (May 2016,) P.I. of NSF/REU and NASA combined program (SESI) at CUA (See Award above.) Program supported jointly by NASA and NSF for 25 consecutive years. • Personally committed to educational outreach and STEM education. He has taught a course for pre- service teachers at CUA, and co-taught workshops for in-service teachers in the DC area. • Invited public lecturer through Smithsonian Associate Series, Space Telescope Science Institute, and other public forums. Appeared on CNN, Canadian Broadcasting Network, and Brazilian national television. In 2001, invited to Japan by Hitachi Corp. to present public lecture for Annual Symposium Series in the City of Hitachi, Japan.
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