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Bei Xiao Assistant Professor Computer Science

Additional Positions at AU
Faculty Member, Center of Behavioral Neuroscience, BCCN graduate program
Post-Doc, Brain and Cognitive Sciences & CSAIL, MIT.

PhD, Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania.

BS, Chemistry, Tsinghua University, China.

Languages Spoken
Chinese, English, German
Book Currently Reading
Book of why: new science of cause and effect
Dr. Bei Xiao's research focuses on how the human visual system estimate physical properties of objects in our surroundings. Another focus of her research is to apply results from human perception and cognition to develop robust computer vision algorithms. Specifically, she studies perception and recognition of material properties, 3D shape, tactile properties, of objects in dynamic scenes. She uses a combination of human psychophysics, crowd-sourcing, haptic force-feedback, computer graphics, machine learning, image processing and VR techniques. If you are undergraduate students interested in perception, VR, machine learning, computer graphics, human computer interactions, come and talk to me about some possible projects in the lab. If you are interested in pursuing PhD studies with me, please contact me and apply for the BCCN graduate program.
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Spring 2020

  • CSC-435 Web Programming

  • CSC-476 Computer Vision

Fall 2020

  • CSC-148 Intro to Computer Science I

  • CSC-148 Intro to Computer Science I

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Research Interests

 Human Vision, Computer Vision, Multisensory Percpetion, VR, Machine Learning, Crowd-sourcing.