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Photograph of Steven Dashiell

Steven Dashiell Postdoctoral Fellow Sociology

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CAS - Sociology
Additional Positions at AU
Postdoctoral Fellow, Game Center
PhD, Language, Literacy and Culture, University of Maryland Baltimore County

MA, Applied Sociology, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Steven Dashiell is an interdisciplinary sociologist who studies language, specifically the nature of discourses in male-dominated subcultures. His work looks at how understood assumptions in language and behavior work to set rules in these spaces that reflect on our interpretations of masculinity. His recent work in progress looks at groups as wide ranging as the military, barbershop patrons, gamers, and Bronies.
Dr. Dashiell is a postdoctoral fellow dually assigned to the Department of Sociology and the Game Center. He is an Army veteran with significant experience in public health.
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