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Photograph of Steven Dashiell

Steven Dashiell Adjunct Professorial Lecturer Film and Media Arts

PhD, Language, Literacy and Culture, University of Maryland Baltimore County
MA, Applied Sociology, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Steven Dashiell is an interdisciplinary sociologist who studies language, specifically the nature of discourses in male-dominated subcultures. His work looks at how understood assumptions in language and behavior work to set rules in these spaces that reflect on our interpretations of masculinity. His recent work in progress looks at groups as wide ranging as the military, barbershop patrons, gamers, and Bronies.

Dr. Dashiell is an Army veteran with significant experience in public health.


Spring 2024

  • GAME-610 Game Research Methods

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications

Dashiell, S. 2023. "Disney Boys to Men:  Erotic Gaze and Masculine Gender Capital of Former Disney Boy Actors" Journal for Cultural Studies . Online First 1-20

Dashiell, S. 2023. “Analyzing gender capital in Grand Theft Auto social media conversations” Culture, Media and Society. Online First. 1-17

Dashiell, S. 2023."Symbolic violence in the language of game descriptions of blackness: the case of Pathfinder" Games & Culture  Online First 1-22

Dashiell, S. 2022. "Deconstructing gender capital involving conversations of male military sexual trauma on Reddit" Sexuality & Culture  27: 591-607.

Dashiell, S. 2022. "DM Habitus: The Social Dispositions of Game Mastering in Dungeons and Dragons" Japanese Journal of Analog Role Playing Game Studies 1(3): 3-13.

Dashiell, S. 2022. "[SELLING] – Gender Capital in the commerce of Men’s Underwear on Reddit" Critical Studies of Men's Fashion. 9(2): 147-162.

Dashiell, S.  2022. "Chasing the Dragon (Magazine): gender erasure through Discourse in Dragon Magazine 1978-2005" Cultural Studies <-->Critical Methodologies. 22(6): 620-630

Dashiell, S. .2022. "Discussions of Fantasy Characters and Demonstrations of a Defensive Hybridity in Gamer Masculinity", Journal of Men's Studies 31(1): 25-43 

Dashiell, S. 2021. "“Table Talk”: Defining Metadiscourse of Analog Games" Acta Ludologica 4(2): 96-107.

Dashiell, S. 2021. "Masculine Compensation via Language in Judgment Free Zones: The Case of Bronies" Studies in Popular Culture 43(2):777-103.

Research Interests

masculinity, language & discourse, social inequality, cultures and subcultures, male-dominated spaces, games (analog & digital) , social media, military culture, African American male subculture.

Work In Progress

(under review) “Men, erotic habitus, and masculine discourse: The case of No Fap”. Sexualities.

(minor resvisions) "Revisiting Epic Glory in Dagorhir: Bleed, Masculinity, and Identity in larp" Journal of American Culture

(under review) “Gaming doxa and gamer exceptionalism”. Game Studies.

(under review) “Black men, masculinity and gender capital in relationship discussions on Reddit". Journal of Black Studies.