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Marilyn Goldhammer Adjunct Professorial Lecturer School of Education

Additional Positions at AU
Associate Director for Pedagogy, Center for Teaching, Research & Learning
MA, George Washington University

Marilyn joined CTRL in January, 2012 as the Coordinator of Program Initiatives and Teaching Resources. She had previously worked with CTRL to conduct noontime conversations, co-lead the Adjunct orientation and prepare a faculty resource on Teaching at AU: Best Practices. For the past seven years, she has been part of the adjunct faculty in the School of Education, Teaching & Health and for three years served as the faculty liaison to the university Committee on Learning Outcomes & Assessment. She is currently working on several new initiatives including looking “Beyond SETs” at ways faculty can evaluate and improve their instructional strategies; creating sessions for TA’s to provide them with new teaching and communication skills and devising a Greenberg program for Masters degree students interested in teaching careers.
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