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Photograph of Ian Rhoad

Ian Rhoad Professorial Lecturer and Director of Graduate Studies, Philosophy & Religion Department of Philosophy & Religion

Ian Rhoad
(202) 885-2493
CAS - Philosophy and Religion
Office Hours (Fall 2021)
Thursdays 11:00-3:00 (via Zoom) and by appointment
PhD, The New School for Social Research

I am a Professorial Lecturer at American University, where I teach classes in the history of philosophy, ethics, and politics. In my philosophical research I work primarily in continental philosophy, especially existentialism, phenomenology, critical theory, feminism, and aesthetics. I approach these fields with an eye towards understanding how moral and political experiences are constructed and maintained, and how they may be expressed or not expressed. I am interested in questions such as: How do concepts and modes of reasoning organize our understanding of moral life? How do these enter into the construction of our collective political imagination? What of our lives is left unarticulated, and how might philosophy contribute to bringing it into view?
For the Media
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